‘For Whom The Bell Trolls’ (MMPR) (TV)


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‘For Who The Bell Trolls’ is an unusual ‘Power Rangers’ episode. In the story, the five teens at Angel Grove High School have their Hobby Week in Miss Appleby’s class. The five teens each present their hobbies to the class while Bulk and Skull scorn and mock and while Rita Repulsa watches (somehow).

The hobbies by the five teens are interesting. Jason shows off a bo staff demonstration; Kimberly shows off a handstand on the teacher’s desk; Zack shows off his surfing with a surfboard; Billy shows off his miniature volcano set and Trini…shows off her dolls, including Mr. Ticklesneezer. Seriously?! 😀

I mean don’t get me wrong. I appreciate Trini having dolls when she was a little girl. But it’s very peculiar that she would keep dolls in her teens and consider it a hobby. I suppose the dolls have exotic backgrounds, considering one doll is Japanese and Mr. Ticklesneezer has some special powers.

Anyway, whilst Trini is asleep at night, Rita wants Mr. Ticklesneezer. So she sends Squatt to sneak into Trini’s room to steal the doll. Once stolen, Rita makes Mr. Ticklesneezer life-sized and sends him out to magically collect things in Goody Bottles. She plans for him to eventually capture the Rangers.

Mr. Ticklesneezer isn’t really a bad guy. He gets controlled under the influence of Rita Repulsa in the episode. But he doesn’t want to cause harm, even when he’s collecting things in his bottles. It would have been nice to have seen Trini attempts to connect to Mr. Ticklesneezer considering he’s her doll.

Sadly that didn’t happen in the episode, as Trini and Billy get captured by Mr. Ticklesneezer in her car. The Power Rangers eventually stop Mr. Ticklesneezer’s mayhem as they get into their Dino Megazord. They make Mr. Ticklesneezer put all the things he collected back to where it was before.

But it all turns out to be a dream. I’m not making this up! The episode ends with Trini waking up and realising that the adventure with Mr. Ticklesneezer was all a dream. This rather disappointed me when I saw it. But I do wonder. Were the events of this story a dream or were some of it real? Hmm!

‘For Whom The Bell Trolls’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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