‘Fowl Play’ (MMPR) (TV)


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In this episode, Zack plays out the part of a magician to some day camp kids who are being looked after by Angela. Gosh! Zack’s still having the ‘hots’ for Angela, is he? To be fair though, Angela does seem to have warmed to Zack. It is surprising considering the previous times he tried to impress her.

However, as usual, Rita Repulsa causes trouble by creating a new monster called the Peckster, sending it to terrorise Angel Grove’s city. You could say the Peckster is the ‘Power Rangers’ version of Woody Woodpecker, only sillier and annoying. Zack has a good go fighting the Peckster in the city.

I got to say, I found it really funny when Bulk and Skull try to sabotage Zack’s efforts to impress Angela and the kids with his magician’s act. The funniest parts are when Zack tells Bulk and Skull to make him disappear whilst he goes off to morph into the Black Ranger to fight against the Peckster.

The magic words Zack tells Bulk to make him disappear are words that sound a lot like “I am a Goon!” I love it when Bulk says the magic words and realises what he’s saying before discovering he made Zack disappear. Skull even laughs when Bulk says “I am a Goon!” It also makes the kids laugh.

It was even funnier when Bulk tries to flirt with Angela and gets nowhere. Skull makes some bizarre facial impressions when Angela turns Bulk down. Bulk then says Zack’s name which is the magic word to bring him back. And would you know it? Zack is inside that magic box as Bulk goes to check.

Good timing, hey? 😀 Anyway, Zack comes up with a way to defeat the Peckster by using balloons to distract the monster. One of the balloons includes a rubber ball that manages to trap the Peckster’s beak when he pecks in it. The Rangers soon defeat the Peckster with the Dino Megazord.

I like how the episode ends with Zack dressed up as he’s looking forward to taking Angela out for a romantic evening. But his plans go awry when Angela turns up with the kids and reveals that they’re going to take the kids to this cartoon festival. And would you know this? It’s Woody Woodpecker? 😀

‘Fowl Play’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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