‘Green with Evil’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is an epic story in the ‘Power Rangers’ saga and one of the most remembered. I’m glad I’ve now seen this epic, as this is the first five-part adventure to feature in the ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ show. It introduces the new ‘Power Rangers’ character, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver.

Tommy would become an important character in the ‘Power Rangers’ series for years to come. In this first introduction to him, he becomes the evil Green Ranger, chosen by Rita Repulsa to destroy the Power Rangers. It’s very exciting and I can see why ‘Power Rangers’ fans are so hyped about it.

In ‘Part I’, Tommy is introduced as a new kid in Angel Grove with martial arts skills that rival Jason’s. This happens during a karate match at a Martial Arts Expo at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Both Jason and Tommy fight well against each other in the match, but this all leads up to it being a draw.

Tommy also catches the eye of Kimberly who warms to him when she meets him at school. Even when Kimberly gets tormented by Bulk and Skull at the lockers, Tommy manages to scare him off and she’s pretty attracted to him. This is where the romance between Kimberly and Tommy begins.

However, Tommy also catches the eye of Rita Repulsa who choses him to become the new Green Ranger. After fighting a number of Putties in an alleyway, Tommy gets captured by Rita and has a spell placed over him. Tommy turns into the evil Green Ranger before he vows to serve his Empress.

Very soon, Tommy infiltrates the Command Center and tears the place apart. He gives Alpha a virus and cuts off Zordon from our dimension. The Power Rangers become anxious before they soon fight against the Green Ranger in battle. The first thing Green does is breaking into their Dino Megazord.

It was pretty tense when the Power Rangers fought against the Green Ranger who is just like them except evil. Very soon, the Rangers reach the Command Center and discover the destruction caused. They manage to revive Alpha but struggle to retrieve Zordon. They wonder who the Green Ranger is.

Now for me, I know Tommy will later be known as the best Power Ranger ever and be considered a legend. To see him begin here as a villain was pretty disturbing, since he would later on demonstrate himself as noble and be a good leader. It was very unusual to see him start as the evil Green Ranger.

In ‘Part II’, Billy and Trini try to repair the Command Center with Alpha’s help. Meanwhile, Tommy acts cold and rude to Kimberly when she meets up with him. This is because Tommy knows who the Power Rangers’ secret identities are and he becomes determined to destroy through Rita’s evil spell.

Tommy even scares the living daylights out of Bulk and Skull who try to bully him in an alleyway. He manages to do that by showing his evil green eyes to them. It was frightening to see Tommy behave like this. He seemed so determined to serve Rita and not listen to reason from anyone around him.

Soon, Tommy is given the Sword of Darkness by Rita Repulsa. This acts as a catalyst for keeping him under her evil spell permanently. Now I didn’t realise that until the final episode as I wondered how the Rangers would be able to break Tommy out from this spell. This five-part story must so good, hey?

Jason also has trouble when he gets kidnapped and teleported to the Dark Dimension. This is after Jason has talked to the possessed Tommy who does the teleporting. In the Dark Dimension, Jason finds himself fighting against Goldar, who has his Power Morpher. He seems to have the upper hand.

It also seems that Jason is unable to contact his teammates. This is bad when the other four Rangers need him as they fight against the Green Ranger. This begins first on the ground and then when the Rangers assemble the Dinozords to form the Dino Megazord. It’s intriguing they did it without Jason.

The subplot of Jason getting captured helps stretch this story out in five-parts. I’m sure many kids that watched this story were wondering what was going to happen next; how Jason was going to escape and how our heroes would defeat the Green Ranger. I wish I could’ve experienced it as a kid.

In ‘Part III’, Jason still continues to fight against Goldar in the Dark Dimension. This fight does go on for a while and I wondered whether Jason was going to escape, even when he has managed to gain his Power Morpher back. Eventually however, Jason finds himself fighting against the Green Ranger.

It gets so tense when Jason tries to reason with the Green Ranger, but Tommy refuses to listen. Thankfully, Jason gets saved by the Rangers and Alpha when they’re able to home in on his communicator and teleport him out of the Dark Dimension. This gets the Green Ranger very angry.

At this point in the story, I wondered how they could stretch it out with Zordon still being lost and the Command Center still in a terrible state. Jason is able to relate to the other Rangers about what happened to him. Jason mentions seeing Tommy, but they still don’t know who the Green Ranger is.

Meanwhile Rita Repulsa summons Scorpina, a female warrior who was long buried in a cave and has the ability to transform into a monstrous scorpion in giant mode. I did think the Scorpina element was unnecessary in the story, since it should have been just the Green Rangers as the main enemy.

Soon, Rita sends in Goldar to attack Angel Grove in giant form. The Rangers witness this in the Command Center as Goldar attacks the city. It gets revealed that Rita intends to capture the Power Ranger’s Dino Zords, via the use of the solar eclipse. This is predicted for the next episode of the tale.

Meanwhile, the Green Ranger waits to fight as he trains himself in the Dark Dimension with his Sword of Darkness. It’s interesting how the Green Ranger gets impatient to fight and calls out to Rita when she won’t let him go out to fight the Rangers. This evil spell on Tommy must be pretty strong.

In ‘Part IV’, Goldar continues to attack Angel Grove in giant form and also torments Bulk and Skull in a bus. Beforehand, Bulk and Skull were eating ice cream in the Angel Grove Youth Center. It was funny when Bulk refused to leave since he was still eating ice cream before the ceiling had fallen in.

The Power Rangers however manage to rescue Bulk and Skull with the use of their Dino Megazord. The Rangers soon fight against Goldar, Scorpina and the Green Ranger in giant form. I have to say, I’m disappointed with Scorpina’s giant form since he looked human-like when fighting the Rangers.

In her giant form, she looks like a typical rampaging monster. Why is it when the human-like villains become giant-sized they always have to look monster-like? It was pretty scary however when Tommy the Green Ranger became giant size. This is the first time that it happens to a Power Ranger.

Also during the fight, the Dino Megazord weakens when it loses solar power from the sun during the eclipse. This gets tense before the Rangers use the Dino Megazord’s Power Sword to get more power. This succeeds with them escaping that evil trio, before their Dinozords are captured by Rita.

Earlier on, the Green Ranger manages to sneak back into the Command Center again to stop the recovery of Zordon by Alpha. But unlike the last time, Alpha comes prepared; having a back-up program to wake him up and trap the Green Ranger in a force-field. This is before he escapes again.

Despite this, Alpha managed to capture the true identity of the Green Ranger when he was in the force-field. Now this is pretty impressive by ‘Power Rangers’ standards. The Rangers soon learn that the Green Ranger is in fact Tommy. This shocks the Rangers when they see this, especially Kimberly.

In ‘Part V’, Kimberley confronts Tommy in the Angel Grove Youth Center, saying that she knows he’s the Green Ranger. Tommy retorts saying that she and the other Rangers will be destroyed. It’s so tense when Kimberly tries to reason with Tommy to help him, but he simply refuses to listen to her.

In this last episode of the story, we have the introduction of the Green Ranger’s own Zord called the Green Dragonzord. I would have preferred this to be introduced early on in the five-part story, since it seems rather late and we’re coming to the end. But it’s good the Green Ranger’s got his own Zord.

The Green Ranger utilizes his Green Dragonzord via the use of his Dragon Dagger in flute mode. Yeah, the Green Ranger calls his Dragonzord by playing on his Dragon Dagger as a flute. I don’t know if this was inspired by the Pied Piper or whatever, but I do find this a little cringeworthy for my taste.

Anyway, Alpha manages to bring Zordon back and he’s established with this dimension at the Command Center. The Dino Megazord is recovered and the Power Rangers use it to fight against Tommy as the Green Ranger in the Dragonzord. This ends up with Jason fighting Tommy on ground.

Jason manages to destroy the Sword of Darkness used by Tommy and breaks Rita’s spell over him. Tommy soon recovers and is back to his original good self. It’s amazing how the Rangers forgive Tommy so quickly, as he is disorientated and regrets what he did when he was under the evil spell.

It does feel quick with the new team of six Power Rangers now established with Tommy offered a place among the team and him gladly accepting. It also seems strange that the Dragonzord forms with the Dinozords to become the Dragon Megazord, especially as there’s no major fight at the end.

Scorpina doesn’t even have a fight with the six Rangers at the end of the story as that would have been exciting to see the Rangers with Tommy as their new team member fighting against her. But in the end all is well, as Zordon welcomes Tommy to the team and claims him as the new sixth Ranger.

‘Green with Evil’ is a superb epic ‘Power Rangers’ story and it’s so easy to see why. I enjoyed watching this five-part story and got excited about what the next instalment was going to be like. I wondered whether Tommy would be free from Rita’s evil and I’m pleased he’s now one of the team.

It’s interesting that the sixth Ranger in the ‘Power Rangers’ was prophesied by Zordon at the end of the story. I wondered where this prophecy came from and how Zordon happened to know of it. I looked forward to seeing Tommy as the Green Ranger working with the established five hero team.

‘Green With Evil’ (MMPR) rating – 9/10

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