‘Grumble Bee’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode sees Billy getting a B grade for a science test at school. Understandably, Billy is shocked and downhearted by this outcome. His friends try to cheer Billy up, but he wants to get into the Accelerated Scholars Program. He decides to study and Trini volunteers to help tutor him.

Meanwhile, Rita learns of the news that Billy got a B for his science test (how does she know all the things that are going on in the Power Rangers’ lives?) and decides to set out another plan to destroy the Rangers with her latest monster. It happens to be the Grumble Bee. Get it?! Because Billy got a B.

Anyway, Jason, Zack and Kimberly play a friendly game of basketball before they get attacked by Putties led by Goldar. The three Rangers soon get tied up with an electric rope by Goldar and the Putties which traps them in a force field. The three teens can’t break free to contact Zordon and Alpha.

Zordon and Alpha become aware of Jason, Zack and Kimberly’s predicament whilst at the same time becoming aware of the Grumble Bee monster attacking Angel Grove. Billy and Trini soon get sent into to fight off the Grumble Bee. By the way, that monster costume would get re-used for ‘In Space’ series.

Billy and Trini struggle to fight against the Grumble Bee monster when it unleashes poison stringers and sound wave attacks to weaken them. They’re called back to the Command Center before going to help Jason, Zack and Kimberly before they fight the Grumble Bee monster again. Well, that was waste.

Thankfully Jason, Zack and Kimberly get freed by Alpha before they join in the fight with Billy and Trini against the Grumble Bee. Alpha then gives Billy a weapon to weaken the Grumble Bee. The Grumble Bee then becomes a giant by Rita before the Rangers soon defeat the monster in their Dino Megazord.

I did wonder why Tommy wasn’t called in as the Green Ranger to help fight with the Rangers to defeat the Grumble Bee, since he got his powers back in the previous story. But it does get explained that his powers are limited since he got them back. Bulk and Skull also seem to be studying at the tale’s climax.

This surprised me as much as it surprised the six Rangers, since we’ve never seen Bulk and Skull do any school work before. They’re of course studying in order to gets the Cs for their next exam. The six Rangers soon help Bulk and Skull. Could this be the beginning of something different with these teens?

‘Grumble Bee’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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