‘Gung Ho!’ (MMPR) (TV)


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In this ‘Power Rangers’ episode, Jason and Tommy train for the Team Ninja Finals in Angel Grove with Zach and Billy’s help. But it seems that Jason and Tommy are struggling to work together as they compete with each other. Their friends notice and keep on telling them they need to ‘gung-ho’.

Bulk and Skull then enter the room and show off their two trainees who are entering for the Team Ninja Finals. These two martial arts experts, covered from top to toe in black cloth, are clearly very good in ‘gung-ho’. One wonders where Bulk and Skull got these two trainees from and who they are.

Meanwhile, Rita sends in her new Super Putty Patrollers to fight the Rangers. This was something that began in the previous episode ‘Life’s A Masquerade’ and…what is Frankenstein doing in this episode?! I thought he was killed off in the previous episode. He’s there in one scene in Rita’s palace.

But that doesn’t matter since Frankenstein’s never seen again in this episode. No really! He’s briefly seen and then he’s gone afterwards. I’m willing to accept that this is Frankenstien’s ghost after editing, but they could have edited him out. Transmission order errors are the cause for this mistake.

Eventually Zordon sends Kimberly, Zach, Trini and Billy to fight off the new Super Putties, whilst Jason and Tommy go off to locate some new weapons to defeat their new foes. The Super Putties become overwhelming powerful for the Rangers, as they are able to put themselves back together.

It seems that Jason and Tommy have trouble working together at first. But eventually the two help each other out when they have to fight against some Zord guarding the weapons called Titanus. Jason temporarily wears Tommy’s shield while Tommy uses his and Jason’s sword to distract Titanus.

Soon Jason and Tommy return to give the other Rangers their new weapons called the Thunder Slingers whilst also gaining Titanus as their new ally. The final act of the episode is dedicated to Jason and Tommy in the Team Ninja Finals and defeating Bulk and Skull’s trainees, very easily I might add.

‘Gung Ho!’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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