‘Happy Birthday Zack’ (MMPR) (TV)


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happy birthday zack mmpr

Yes! From the title of this episode, you know already what it’s about. It’s Zack’s birthday and his friends Jason, Billy, Trini and Kimberly are preparing a surprise party for him. They decorate the Youth Center one evening after hours. Rita Repulsa also wants to give a gift for Zack on his birthday.

The preparations for Zach’s birthday at Ernie’s are slightly comedic. For example, Ernie makes a birthday cake from Billy’s ‘Cake-o-Matic’ machine. I guess Billy got that from Wallace & Gromit somehow! 😀 The cake machine however always plays up and the results are messy and disastrous.

Bulk and Skull also come in to cause trouble when they gate-crash the party preparations. Seriously, these two can be pretty annoying by this point. Are they really so mad Trini and Kimberly refused to go out with them on a date? The four Rangers however foil Bulk and Skull’s party-crashing attempts.

There’s a scene where Ernie discusses with Jason and Billy about the Power Rangers and who they are. Ernic compares the Power Rangers to Batman at some point. So…does that mean that Batman and the Power Rangers exist in the same universe? It’ll be an intriguing crossover to see, wouldn’t it?

When Zack has been seen coming to Ernie’s place by…Ernie, the Rangers hide every evidence of the party preparations…in fast motion. Seriously, how can they hide all the party decorations away from Zach before he comes in?! Is this a special power Zordon gave them when they became the Rangers?

Zach thinks that the others have forgotten about his birthday. I found that scene funny when Kimberly tries to make out she forgot Zach’s birthday by saying it’s her poodle’s. 😀 Eventually, Zach gets attacked by Rita Repulsa and she gives him her present of a monster called…the Knasty Knight.

The Knasty Knight is a pretty formidable foe for the Rangers and he seems unbeatable when he corrodes their weapons. I liked it when Zach has the idea of using the Knasty Knight’s energies against him. Eventually, the Knasty Knight is defeated and Zach gets given a surprise birthday party!

‘Happy Birthday Zack’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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