‘High Five’ (MMPR) (TV)


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I saw the second episode of ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ on the VHS my best mate Stephen lent me when I was into ‘Power Rangers’ at 11/12 years old. This episode focuses on the character of Trini, the Yellow Ranger, who has to face her fear of heights so that she can rescue Billy, the Blue Ranger.

This isn’t one of the best ‘Power Rangers’ episodes I’ve seen and is considered to be a filler episode for the first season. I enjoyed the episode when I saw it, although I was disappointed by some of the fight scenes especially when the five heroes become Power Rangers and confront the monsters in it.

Trini’s fear of heights leads me to question why she was chosen to be the Yellow Ranger in the first place by Zordon. But fair dos, this does allow a sense of character development on Trini’s part as she overcomes her fear of heights. Zordon congratulates Trini, especially when he’s the Rangers’ mentor.

The monster that the Rangers fight against is called Bones, who looks like a skeleton version of Jack the Ripper. He can’t be killed easily, as he can detach his bodily parts and re-attach them without a scratch. He’s sent by Rita Repulsa to trap the Power Rangers into a time warp like Zordon is trapped.

The Zord fight is rather disappointing, although better than the one in ‘Day of the Dumpster’. Rita sends a second monster, although why she didn’t make Bones grow to giant size is anybody’s guess. Jason/Red’s Tyrannosaurus Zord is the only one that fights the monster and defeats them instantly.

‘High Five’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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