‘I, Eye Guy’ (MMPR) (TV)


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I enjoyed this ‘Power Rangers’ episode. ‘I, Eye Guy’ features the five teens with Billy’s young friend Willy (?!). In the episode, Willy is putting in an entry for the Angel Grove Youth Center science fair. This entry is a virtual reality machine. The five teens experience it themselves in a roller coaster ride.

After fighting a number of Putties in the park and defending Willy, in slow-motion I might add, the Rangers eventually get Willy’s entry into the science fair. I like how Willy thanks Billy for helping them out, though did they need to add cartoon sound effects for when doing the special handshake.

Eventually, Bulk and Skull enter in on the science fair and cause trouble. Now I have to admit, it was pretty funny to see how Bulk and Skull’s attempts in bullying as foiled by the five teens. This happens when Bulk’s ‘pants’ get invisible and when the two get dressed up in a fashion-making machine. (?!)

Yet somehow, Willy gets the blame for causing trouble by the science teacher. What?! When did Willy get the blame for this?! Bulk and Skull are the ones responsible! I don’t see any reason why Willy should get the blame for something he didn’t do! That science teacher is so unreasonable here!

Anyway, Willy gets into trouble when Rita Repulsa sends her latest monster called Eye Guy to capture him. Eye Guy is a monster that can steal Willy’s genius from him. Essentially that’s Eye Guy swallowing Willy up in his big eye. The Rangers come to save Willy from Eye Guy before it’s too late.

The Power Rangers fight against the Eye Guy with their Power Weapons first before eventually fighting him in the Dino Megazord. The Rangers have to free Willy from Eye Guy by actually hitting his big eye. How that doesn’t kill Willy in the process is questionable, but it still works and he’s freed.

‘I, Eye Guy’ is a pretty enjoyable ‘Power Rangers’ episode featuring Billy’s friend Willy. It has some strange moments including the cartoon effects for Billy and Willy’s handshake and it’s nonsensical to have the science teacher blame Willy for causing trouble. But this was action-filled and entertaining.

‘I, Eye Guy’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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