‘Life’s A Masquerade’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a fun ‘Power Rangers’ episode as it sees our heroes in fancy dress for a costume party at the Angel Grove Youth Center. It was interesting to see the teens in fancy dress with Billy as Sherlock Holmes, Trini as a Red Indian, Kimberly as a princess, Zack as a Pharaoh and Jason as Robin Hood, I believe.

Bulk and Skull come to the party but they dress up in their usual punk shelves. Beforehand they were trying on outfits like Captain Hook and Peter Pan and two versions of Elvis Presley. Why couldn’t they have gone in either of those outfits? They would have been fine. Two Elvises would be fantastic!

There’s also a surprise guest attending the Angel Grove costume party. Guess who that is? It’s Alpha of course. I found it funny when Alpha just turned up because he wanted to hang out with his friends. Alpha also catches the eyes of the ladies fawning on him, which gets on Zack’s nerves in this.

The episode also features the return of Angela, who Zack tried to hit it on with a number of episodes ago. When Zack tries to impress her, Angela is just mean to him. Word of advice, Zack! Don’t try bothering with this girl. It’s not worth it. If she won’t be friendly with you, what’s the point in trying?

But Rita Repulsa causes trouble when she sends a Frankenstien monster to crash the party. Yep! This is that kind of episode, everyone. The Power Rangers’ main enemy is Frankenstein. I would have thought this utterly bizarre in concept, but Frankenstein seems to be a formidable opponent in this.

Even when the Ranger uses their Dinozords and combine it to become the Dino Megazord, they find it difficult to defeat Frankenstien in giant form. Even when Tommy’s Dragonzord comes to the rescue, it’s difficult. It’s only when the Dragon Megazord is formed that they defeat Mr. Frankenstein.

I found this a fun instalment in the ‘Power Rangers’ series. I found it bizarre when Billy said “It’s time for molecular transmutation” instead of “It’s morphin’ time” when he morphed into the Blue Ranger. And of course, the winner of the fancy dress costume party had to be Alpha at the end, didn’t it?! 😀

‘Life’s A Masquerade’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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