‘Lions and Blizzards’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode begins with our main heroes participating in the annual Oddball Games. The five teens are the Red team whilst Bulk and Skull are the Blue team. Seriously, what is it about Bulk and Skull that they’re so against the five teens? Are they really that annoyingly bully-like?

Oh, Bulk and Skull also have Angela on their team. Angela’s the one Zack fancies by the way. Why would she want to be on Bulk and Skull’s team against the five teens? Has she got a real problem about Zack? Anyway, the games conclude with a tiebreaker and Mr. Caplan announces a tug of war.

The tug of war of course is won by the five teens who win the Noble Lion Trophy. The trophy of course gets stolen by Bulk and Skull who take it without the Rangers noticing it. Zack also helps Angela out of the mud which her; Bulk and Skull fell into. Angela seems taken by Zack’s charm here.

Ah well, it doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s not like Angela asks Zack to take her out on a date…oh wait she does. No seriously. Angela walks in looking pretty and suggests that Zack takes her for a matinee. They eventually go to the cinema later on. All from Zack helping her out of the mud? Hmm!

Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa seizes upon the trophy by Bulk and Skull and turns it into an evil monster called Goatan…because she can do that, I guess. Goatan is like a half-lion, half-goat Fuzor-like monster. Oh and he can also create snow storms and blizzards in Angel Grove. Bit random, but hey!

The Rangers, Jason, Billy, Trini and Kimberly get called in to help with stopping Goatan causing chaos. Goatan gets too powerful for them and the four Rangers get caught in a red tornado created by him. Alpha tries to contact Zack, whose busy trying to win over Angela but fails so uncomfortably.

Eventually Zack responds and helps to save the other Rangers before they defeat Goatan with the Dino Megazord. I remember seeing this episode once on TV on a whim when it was being shown on the Jetix channel. I also remember Zack getting popcorn on her head by Angela after he’d left her. 😀

‘Lions and Blizzards’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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