‘Mighty Morphin’ Mutants’ (MMPR) (TV)


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In this ‘Power Rangers’ episode, a team of Putties ‘with attitude’ are given the Badges of Darkness to become evil versions of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. This had been done before with evil Power Rangers in ‘A Bad Reflection on You’ and this would be done again in the Psycho Rangers for the ‘In Space’ series.

There’s an amusing sequence where Goldar trains some Putties to fight like the Power Rangers. There’s one Putty whom Goldar calls ‘Number 6’ that messes up pretty badly. Soon Goldar sends that Putty away to become clay in Finster’s lab. Goldar eventually selects the five Putties to be evil Rangers.

Surprisingly, there isn’t a Red Putty Ranger among the group. There’s the Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink and Green Putty Rangers. These Putties are given Badges of Darkness and they become, fight and act like the Power Rangers. They even have the voices of our heroic teens but obviously menacing and so evil.

Apparently Rita decided not to have a Red Ranger as she wanted a monster to be the commander of the Putty Rangers. I suppose the Putties are really stupid, aren’t they? So, who is this commander of the Putty Rangers then? A rubber suited monster called Commander Crayfish. Yes, he is very fish-like.

I wouldn’t have chosen a rubber suited monster like Commander Crayfish to command the Putty Rangers. In fact, why couldn’t we have had a taller, super-intelligent Red Putty Ranger to command the team? That would be pretty awesome and it would match the already established hero team here.

Eventually, the Rangers use enhanced versions of their Power Weapons to become the Power Blaster to defeat the Putty Rangers and Crayfish in the first round. They also defeat and destroy them with their Megazords when the monsters become like giants. But what happened to Yellow and Pink Putty?

There is a subplot where Tommy becomes forgetful and has to take on an assignment where he remembers things with the help of his friends. But it’s not really relevant to the main plot. Bulk and Skull also try to be ‘gentlemen’, but fail miserably as they almost play a practical joke on their teacher.

‘Mighty Morphin’ Mutants’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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