‘No Clowning Around’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode has the five teens at a funfair in Angel Grove Park. The episode introduces Trini’s cousin, Sylvia, who comes to join her with Kimberly, Jason, Zach and Billy at the fair. But trouble ensues as evil clowns make trouble when they turn Sylvia into a cardboard cut-out.

Now you’d think the clowns themselves would be sinister human beings or something else not connected to Rita Repulsa. But it turns out they’re not as they’re actually Putties. I wonder if every monstrous plan and evil enemy is devised by Rita in the ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ series. 😀

It was interesting to see Trini have a cousin in the episode. She’s meant to babysit her and becomes worried when Sylvia goes off with one of the clones called Pineapple. Trini manages to catch up with Sylvia. But she witnesses Pineapple turn Sylvia into a cardboard cut-out and gets horrified and angry.

Thankfully Trini takes Sylvia to Billy’s lab where Alpha helps to return her cousin back to normal. I like how Jason, Billy, Zach and Kimberly get everyone out of the funfair, warning them that Rita is in the area. Bulk and Skull were also at that funfair. I wonder if they heard that warning and ran off. 😀

The clown Pineapple happens to be a monster called Pineoctopus. Essentially he’s a pineapple with octopus tentacles. 😀 Pineoctopus attempts to turn the Rangers into cardboard cut-outs, but their suits protect them. I do like it when Trini and Alpha discover that the thing to restore Sylvia is water.

The Rangers soon summon their Dinozords and fight Pineoctopus when he’s giant-sized. I like how each of the Dinozords fight Pineoctopus individually first before they combine to become the Dino Megazord. They also manage to beat Pineoctopus easily when they manage to trap him in some net.

‘No Clowning Around’ is a pretty average run-of-the-mill filler episode from the ‘Power Rangers’ series. It’s not great, as I expected the evil clowns to be something else instead of Putties. But it was entertaining, as I enjoyed the funfair sequences in this and how we get to meet Trini’s cousin Sylvia.

‘No Clowning Around’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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