‘Peace, Love and Woe’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is an episode where Billy gets to meet a girl who he goes out on a date with. I like this episode as it sees Billy in a romantic situation, even if it does seem geeky. The girl named Marge is instantly attracted to him as Billy is attracted to her. Rita Repulsa causes trouble as she sends in Madam Woe.

The way that Billy and Marge talk to each other matches the demeanour Billy employs in his character. I like how it’s not overstated and it seems to be a sweet relationship between the two. Billy’s friends, Jason, Zach, Trini and Kimberly watch nearby and approve, encouraging him to ask her to the dance.

But Marge is the one who asks Billy out to the dance. Is she being forward here? Anyway, Billy agrees and suggests they have a date at the park first before going to the dance to which Marge agrees. I like the connection made between Billy and Marge with regards to the necklace she wears.

Anyway, Rita Repulsa summons Madam Woe, who is an elemental monster; brings woe to people that she touches and can transport people to other dimensions. Woe captures Marge, mistaking her for a Power Ranger due to her meeting Billy at the park. Woe traps Marge in another dimension.

Billy finds Marge’s necklace and suspects that she’s been captured. He and the other Rangers get confirmation of this from Zordon. The Rangers get told that the only way to defeat Madam Woe is by removing the crystal from her head and that one Power Ranger must fight Woe in the real world.

The Rangers soon get sent into the dimension by Woe where Marge is trapped. They soon combine their Power Coins and teleport Billy back to the real world where he volunteers to fight Madame Woe on his own. I was expecting Billy to have the power of all five Power Coins to fight Madam Woe.

I like how the episode ends with the Rangers defeating Woe, surprisingly without the Dino Megazord and how Billy and Marge meet for the dance. The romantic set-up for Billy and Marge is very sweet. I would like to see more of them together – oh wait! Marge doesn’t appear again in ‘Power Rangers’! :\

‘Peace, Love and Woe’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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