‘Power Ranger Punks’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a really good and entertaining ‘Power Rangers’ episode. It starts with the five teens playing a game of volleyball. This is before they get attacked by a gang of Putties. I imagine that the Power Rangers would be pretty exhausted with fighting the Putties, especially after the game of volleyball.

But the Putties’ attack is part of a distraction. Baboo, one of the Rita’s comic relief goons, has created a potion that turns people into punks. It’s a shame Rita doesn’t appreciate Baboo’s talents in this episode. Baboo infects the five teens’ drinks of water with potion when the Putties attack them.

After the Putties’ leave, Kimberly and Billy drink their glasses of water and instantly become punks. Jason, Zack and Trini don’t drink their glasses of water since Kimberly and Billy smashed them away. Kimberly and Billy’s odd behaviour gets noticed by Jason, Zack and Trini as they become concerned.

I have to say I enjoyed it when Kimberly and Billy were acting all punk-like and being nasty to Jason, Zack and Trini. It would have been better if they stayed in their normal clothes being punks. But they had to dress up as punks too, as Kimberly and Billy’s dress sense becomes uncomfortably disturbing.

Meanwhile, Rita sends a new monster called the Terror Toad, who is large, hungry and quite mean. When Jason, Zack and Trini go out to fight the Terror Toad, he manages to devour them. I couldn’t help think of the Absorbaloff in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV story ‘Love and Monsters’ with the Terror Toad.

Eventually, Zordon has the answer to restoring Kimberly and Billy back to the way they were. He sends Alpha off to collect a plant-like herb called the Singing Squash. I like how Alpha defends himself against some Putties, before collecting the Singing Squash and giving it to Kimberly and Billy.

‘Power Ranger Punks’ is very entertaining as I enjoyed how Kimberly and Billy became punks and how their friends returned them to normal. It was funny when punk-like Kimberly started hitting on Skull and when Billy became intimidating towards Bulk. Bulk and Skull also are not good at volleyball.

‘Power Rangers Punks’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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