‘Putty on the Brain’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is actually pretty good. It has Billy and Zack seeing their four other friends Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Trini as Putties when Lord Zedd puts a spell on them with their new lab sunglasses. The team needs to work together in order to defeat Zedd’s brand-new monster, Saliguana.

It was tense when Billy and Zack became afraid at seeing their friends Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Trini during school hours. I wondered how the spell would be broken and whether Billy and Zack would realise a spell had been put on them. Thankfully they do realise it and it seems to work out in the end.

I found it funny when Bulk and Skull were asked to feed the classroom’s iguana by Miss Appleby at school. Bulk empties the entire contents of that box of good for the iguana before Zedd transforms it into Saliguana. It was funny when Bulk and Skull see Saliguana, believing they have overfed the iguana.

Bulk and Skull are in detention with Zack and Billy, who were given detention by Mr. Caplan after trying to save him from their friends who appeared like Putties to them. Bulk and Skull also wear Zack and Billy’s glasses and see them as Putties. We don’t know if the spell is dispelled on them by the end.

There’s then a fight with some real Putties in the park and Zack and Billy get confused when they see the other Rangers as Putties too. Fortunately Zordon contacts the Rangers and they teleport to the Command Center to discover the truth. I like how the Rangers work together to get rid of Zedd’s spell.

Zordon also warns the Rangers about the new monster Saliguana who can live and breathe fire. Billy and Zack work together to find a way to cool Saliguana down as they go to Billy’s lab to create an ice device. Alpha also comes up with a way to partially remove some of Zack and Billy’s vision in the story.

Trini teleports over to Billy’s lab and morphs into the Yellow Ranger to which Billy and Zack can see her. This means that Billy and Zack can see their friends when they’re morphed as Power Rangers. Well that’s a relief! The Rangers soon go off and fight Saliguana attacking a beach outside Angel Grove.

I liked it when the Rangers manage to defeat Saliguana with their Power Blaster and their Thunderzords in giant mode which forms into the new Thunderzord Assault Team before becoming the Thunder Megazord. Zack and Billy eventually have their vision repaired and see their friends again.

‘Putty on the Brain’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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