‘Reign of the Jellyfish’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode isn’t one of the greatest. It has the five teens become involved with burying a time capsule for a school project at Angel Grove. But that plot device doesn’t become a huge part of the story as the Rangers have to fight this Jellyfish monster that’s unbeatable to defeat.

At school, the five teens contribute items to be put into a time capsule to be buried outside. This includes Jason’s karate trophy; Kimberly’s fashion clothes; Zach’s music CD; Billy’s personal computer and Trini’s newspapers. What the other kids in that classroom put in the time capsule, I have no clue.

Bulk and Skull also contribute something to the time capsule, although they enter the classroom late. What they give is them making a large ham baguette, which I’ve totally forgotten the name of. This isn’t a cookery show, Bulk and Skull. And what’s more, they’re too late when the capsule gets buried.

Speaking of burying the time capsule, there are two things I need to point out with this episode. There’s a signpost somewhere outside the school for the five teens to bury the time capsule. A signpost?! Who put that signpost there and why? Also what makes the Rangers the ones to do this?

Secondly, when we see the five teens about to bury the time capsule, Kimberly is wearing an orange T-shirt! Orange? She should be wearing a pink T-shirt. Has she become the Orange Ranger now? Then when the Rangers fight some Putties; Kimberly’s now in a pink T-shirt. What is going on here?!

Anyway, the Jellyfish monster comes to attack the Rangers and he seems hard to defeat. He even manages to burn through the Rangers’ suits during their first fight. But it’s okay. Zordon and Alpha somehow have a spray which they give to the Rangers to be protected whilst they fight the Jellyfish.

Now to be fair, the fights between the Rangers against the Jellyfish are actually decent with the fact that it seems impossible to defeat the monster. Even during the Dino Megazord fights, it seems hard to beat the Jellyfish. But it seems all too easy when the Black Ranger’s weapon manage to beat him.

The episode ends on an interesting note. The Rangers are in the Juice Bar and they talk about the future and how idyllic it would be. If only that were the case as I’d certainly like the future to be ‘Star Trek’-like. Of course, the original Power Rangers don’t know what’s to come in the future e.g. ‘Time-Force’.

‘Reign of the Jellyfish’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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