‘Return of an Old Friend’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a two-part ‘Power Rangers’ story that features the return of Jason David Frank as Tommy the Green Ranger. Although he made a brief cameo in ‘Doomsday’, this was the first time Tommy had returned to the series in a long while. It also sees him get his powers back as the Green Ranger here.

In ‘Part I’ of this story, it’s Parents’ Day at Angel Grove. It’s rather nice to see the Rangers as teens reunited with their parents on Parent’s Day. Albeit it is strange their parents would wear the same colour clothes as the Ranger suits, including Jason as Red; Zack as Black; Trini as Yellow, etc.

There’s also a nice little character development on Kimberly since her parents are divorced and she’s anxious about seeing them again. Bulk and Skull also have parents too who come to the Parents’ Day. However things do not go rather well as Rita Repulsa gets to kidnap the parents at Angel Grove.

It happens when Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly fight off some Putties outside the Youth Center. Rita also unleashes the Dramole monster that burrows underground, kidnapping the parents, as well as emitting a toxic gas from its nostrils on its victims. It happens for Billy who comes in late at the party.

Billy gets overcome by the Dramole’s hypnotic gas and is under the control of Rita. He then goes to the Command Center; shuts down Alpha and steals the Dragon Dagger. The other four Rangers are told about it by Zordon and they morph, heading off to the Dark Dimension where they face Goldar.

Billy is also there with Goldar and is soon released from the influence of the Dramole’s mind-control. The five Rangers soon return to Angel Grove, just as Goldar uses the Dragon Dagger to make the Dragonzord attack the city. The Rangers uses their Dino Megazord to stop the Dragonzord attacking.

But it’s not enough, as the five Rangers soon give in their Power Coins to Goldar in exchange for their parents’ safety. But Goldar tricks them and doesn’t give them their parents back. With the Power Rangers without their Power Coins, there is one person who can assist them. Enter Tommy’s return.

In ‘Part II’, Tommy is at the Youth Center where he finds it deserted. I wonder what he’s been up to during his absence in the ‘Power Rangers’ series. Anyway, Tommy’s soon teleported to the Command Center and is reunited with the Rangers. He’s told what’s happened and is willing to help.

In order to get the Power Coins back from Goldar and save the teens’ parents from Rita’s Dark Dimension, Zordon infuse Tommy with his own energy. Thus it morphs him into the Green Ranger for a short time. He then goes to fight Goldar and some Putties before retrieving the Dragon Dagger.

Despite the risk of getting Zordon’s energy infused into him, Tommy manages to get the Dragon Dagger and regain the Dragonzord under his control. The Dragonzord soon fights Goldar and Scorpina (she’s back in this) in giant form. The Dragonzord gets weaker fighting Goldar and Scorpina.

Thankfully, Tommy gets the Power Coins and returns to the Command Center before he faints. Zordon has been drained away of all life, but thankfully the Rangers use their Power Coins to get him back. The Rangers soon go and fight Dramole in the rock quarry outside the city. It gets troublesome.

Dramole gets to use his hypnotic gas on Jason, Trini, Zack and Billy to turn against Kimberly during the fight. Very soon, Tommy’s body gets electrically charged from recovering the Power Coins and he becomes the Green Ranger again. He goes off to help and save the five Rangers and defeat Dramole.

Dramole soon becomes giant sized by Rita and the Rangers fight against the monster using their Zords. First Tommy uses the Dragonzord, the five main Rangers use their Dino Megazord before it becomes the Dragon Megazord and eventually with Titanus to become the Ultrazord. It’s all too fast!

Once Dramole is destroyed, the Rangers’ parents are returned to Angel Grove and all is well. Despite this triumph, there is the possibility that Tommy will lose his powers again. But Tommy’s keen to keep on as the Green Ranger. The episode ends with the Power Rangers reuniting with their parents.

It also ends with a food fight caused by Bulk and Skull who get bored. It’s amazing how this exciting, action-packed two-part featuring Tommy’s return as the Green Ranger should end on a silly note. 😀 All in all, ‘Return of an Old Friend’ is a great two-parter in ‘Power Rangers’ featuring Tommy’s return.

‘Return of an Old Friend’ (MMPR) rating – 9/10

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