‘Rita’s Seed of Evil’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is another enjoyable ‘Power Rangers’ episode from the ‘Mighty Morphin’ series. In this episode, the five teens spend the afternoon planting trees in the park for a school project. Rita then sends Squatt down to Earth to plant her own evil seeds and create her new monster called the Octoplant.

From what I’ve seen in this episode, the Octoplant is an octopus-like creature and is meant to wrap the Earth with its tentacles to crush and destroy it. We don’t see that actually happen apart from inside Rita or Goldar’s head. Had this become a two-parter, it would have made for a terrifying story.

Bulk and Skull also perform some antics of their own in this episode. They try to ruin the Rangers’ plant project, before they run into Squatt and run away in fear. Come on, guys! It’s only a man in a suit. 😀 Bulk and Skull also get locked up in a toilet cubicle that then gets taken away with them in it.

The Rangers soon realise something is wrong when they see Squatt; fight a group of Putties and an earth tremor happens. They go over to the Command Center to find out what’s happening from Zordon and Alpha. Jason then goes back to where Squatt was in the park to learn what he was up to.

No disrespect to Jason, but should he have gone on his own without someone accompanying him? He’s liable to get captured as he did in ‘Green With Evil’. This seems to be the case when Jason gets attacked by some vines of the evil plant growing in the park. Jason then morphs into the Red Ranger.

Even as the Red Ranger when fighting them off, he gets entangled by the plant’s vines. Thankfully the other four Rangers come to the rescue as they ward off the plant’s vines with their weapons. Goldar and Scorpina (yeah she’s back in this too) then enter to fight against the Rangers in the park.

It isn’t long until the Octoplant comes into its true form and is about to attack the city. Thankfully the Octoplant isn’t that powerful as it seems, since the Rangers manage to defeat it with their Dino Megazord. All in all, this is a very enjoyable ‘Power Rangers’ tale that should have been a two-parter.

‘Rita’s Seed of Evil’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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