‘Second Chance’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode’s title refers to Jason and Zack helping a young boy named Roger get into Ernie’s soccer team. The boy Roger wasn’t able to get into the soccer team for the first time, so Jason and Zack assist in giving him some training. However, this aspect didn’t have a big impact on me.

I mean, okay it’s nice Jason and Zack are helping the boy in his training. But watching those scenes were pretty average as the boy Roger’s football kicking techniques are pretty pathetic. I know that Roger would get into Ernie’s team by the episode’s end, but this wasn’t fully expanded on in the story.

Also, guess what, Rita Repulsa intends to ruin things by playing games of her own and to send down the monstrous Socadillo – that’s an armadillo that plays soccer (get the pun?) – to destroy the Rangers. You know, I should be annoyed by Rita’s pettiness. But then, this is ‘Power Rangers’ we’re talking about.

Mind you, the first attack made by Socadillo on the Power Rangers is enjoyable to watch. Socadillo can be a gigantic boulder-like soccer ball (football as I’d call it in the UK) when he attacks the Rangers in their un-morphed forms. This is before the Rangers fight him in morphed forms as he’s an armadillo.

Tommy has troubles of his own though. After Bulk and Skull show off with a soccer ball in the school corridor, even though the Rangers told them not to as it’s pretty dangerous, they get sent to detention by Ms. Appleby. In the process, Tommy’s communicator watch gets damaged as he knocks it on a locker.

This results in Tommy’s communicator watch malfunctioning and it bleeps during Ms. Appleby’s class. Tommy is forced to hand his communicator watch over to Ms. Appleby during class. This comes at a bad time when the Rangers need Tommy and Zordon and Alpha can’t get to him on his communicator.

Thankfully Tommy gets his communicator watch back from Ms. Appleby (in a scene we don’t get to see) and he comes morphed as the Green Ranger to help his friends. The Rangers soon defeat Socadillo in giant form when they use the Dino Megazord and the Dragonzord to fight against him for the climax.

‘Second Chance’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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