‘Something Fishy’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is an enjoyable episode of character development for Billy. In this episode, Billy gets to face his fear of fish. This is something that’s unusual to see in a ‘Power Rangers’ character. I like how this gets explored as Billy shares with Kimberly about his fear of fish in a flashback whilst they are on a picnic.

Whilst Billy and Kimberly have their picnic, Jason, Zack and Trini go off scuba-diving somewhere. Billy and Kimberly soon get attacked by Putties in the park. I like how Billy uses an empty picnic hamper to fight off one of the Putties. This seems to work, since Billy and Kimberly get to defeat the Putties.

Meanwhile, Rita causes trouble as she sends in her new monster called the Goo Fish. Billy and Kimberly are sent in by Zordon to fight against the Goo Fish as they morph into the Power Rangers. Rita soon casts a spell onto Billy, to which he cowers in fear once he sees the Goo Fish before them.

I like how this episode shows Rita’s cunning in planting fear into one of the Power Rangers to weaken him. She can be petty sometimes, but she does have her moments in finding ways to defeat the Rangers. It’s a wonder she hasn’t got around to defeating the five Rangers with an invasion force.

Jason, Zack and Trini soon join up with Billy and Kimberly as they morph into Rangers to fight against the Goo Fish. The Goo Fish temporarily retreats. The five Rangers soon return to the Command Center where Zordon gets to tell Billy to fight against his fears. That way, Rita’s spell will get broken.

Eventually, the Rangers morph again (this is done three times in the episode by the way) to fight against the Goo Fish and some Putties. Jason, Zack, Trini and Kimberly get thrashed and stuck to the spot by the Goo Fish, until eventually Billy overcomes his fears and manages to fight the monster off.

Rita soon makes her monster grow to giant form and the Rangers fight off the Goo Fish in their Dino Megazord (in a pretty fast transformation scene I’ve seen). It gets tense when the Rangers struggle to fight against the monster. However, I felt that the resolution of defeating the Goo Fish was weak.

‘Something Fishy’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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