‘Switching Places’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a mind-boggling ‘Power Rangers’ episode and I mean that in every sense of the word. In the story, Squatt sneaks into Billy’s garage to mess about with one of his new inventions. Next day, Billy invites Kimberly over to try out his new invention that allows people to read each other’s thoughts.

But when Billy and Kimberly try out the machine, the devices switches minds into each other’s bodies. Billy’s mind is inside Kimberly’s body and Kimberly’s mind is inside Billy’s body. Yep! It’s that kind of story, everyone. This is ‘Power Rangers’ attempting to do ‘Freaky Friday’. And it’s entertaining!

I just wish that Billy and Kimberly’s mind/body swapping was explored further in the episode. It would have been interesting if Billy and Kimberly told Jason, Zach and Trini straight away that their bodies have been switched places. But that’s not what occurs here until later on during the episode.

Instead, Billy-in-Kimberly and Kimberly-in-Billy try out to carry on with what they do in their lives. Or rather Billy does what Kimberly does in making a cheese soufflé for a class and Kimberly does what Billy does in tutoring one of Billy’s peers with a computer. The results are disastrous to say the least.

Bulk and Skull also overhear with what goes on with Billy and Kimberly and they try the machine out themselves to read each other’s minds. Instead, Bulk ends up in Skull’s body whereas Skull ends up in Bulk’s body. This was pretty amusing. Bulk and Skull should have stayed like that by the story’s end.

Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa unleashes her new monster, the Genie (as in the Genie from the lamp in ‘Aladdin’), to attack the Power Rangers. Interesting the episode didn’t have Billy and Kimberly unable to morph into Power Rangers because of the body switches. That would’ve been interesting.

An interesting point to note is that it isn’t the Power Rangers who defeat the Genie when they fight in their Dino Megazord. It’s Zordon and Alpha as they come up with the answer to destroy the Genie by destroying the lamp. Of course, they have to do it at the precise moment, but it works in the end.

‘Switching Places’ is pretty entertaining. I would have liked to have explored further into how Billy and Kimberly’s body switches affects their normal lives. Had this episode been a two-parter, perhaps it could have allowed more time. In fact, I’m so sure this episode was screaming to be a two-parter.

‘Switching Places’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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