‘Teamwork’ (MMPR) (TV)


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The third episode of ‘Power Rangers’ is fairly good. Although technically a filler, this episode features the introduction of a new upgrade to the Power Rangers’ weapons. These are the Power Weapons, which Zordon gives to the five teens when they’re struggling to fight against an evil Minotaur by Rita.

In this episode, Kimberley and Trini set out to save the environment when going to visit a dumpsite. I like how this episode begins with the two girls asking people to sign a petition. Jason, Billy and Zack sign the petition, before Bulk and Skull cause trouble and start throwing cans at Kimberley and Trini.

What?! I know that scene’s meant to be funny, but to see Bulk and Skull being violent towards Kimberley and Trini as well as being vulgar with their belches puts them in a poor light. Bulk and Skull must be so annoyed Kimberley and Trini never went out with them on that double date in ‘Day of the Dumpster’.

When Kimberley and Trini visit the dumpsite, they’ve little time to look around as they get attacked by Putties. Jason, Billy and Zack soon pitch in to help, but get their hands full when they’re fighting the Minotaur. Interesting Rita Repulsa uses a monster from Greek myth to fight the Power Rangers.

The five Power Weapons that the Rangers use are as follows. Jason/Red has his Power Sword, Trini/Yellow has her Power Daggers; Zack/Black has his Power Axe; Kimberley/Pink has her Power Bow and Billy/Blue has his Power Lance. I like the progression of how the Rangers gain the weapons.

During a fight with the Minotaur, who becomes a giant, the Power Rangers use their Dinozords to fight him. I like how the individual Zords get used more to fight the Minotaur in this episode before they combine. Sadly, the Dino Megazord doesn’t get used as the Minotaur becomes too powerful.

Another thing I like about this episode is how the struggle for the Rangers to fight the Minotaur is emphasised. It’s proving that it isn’t easy to fight off Rita’s monsters for the Rangers and it raises the tension levels, before Zordon and Alpha can help the five teens and give them their new weapons.

The episode also introduces Henry Cannon as Mr. Caplan, the teacher at Angel Grove High School. I like how the episode ends with Mr. Caplan seeing the mess of litter caused by Bulk and Skull earlier, before the Rangers clean it up without him looking. They also clean it up in fast motion, surprisingly.

‘Teamwork’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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