‘The Beetle Invasion’ (MMPR) (TV)


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In this third episode of the ‘Green No More’ story arc in ‘Power Rangers’, the teens are invited to take part in the challenge of a Broomball Tournament, headed by Ernic at the juice bar. After becoming hesitant, they’re soon persuaded when two teens from Stone Canyon walk in, goading that they’ll win.

Incidentally, Stone Canyon is a rival city next door to Angel Grove in this part of America in the ‘Power Rangers’ universe. It’s a city that becomes important for future characters in the series, but we’ll get to them later. Meanwhile, Lord Zord has a challenge of his own and creates the monstrous Stag Beetle.

This Stag Beetle of course is sent to drain the Green Ranger of his powers. And Zedd does this by creating the monster out of one of the posters representing the Stone Canyon team in Ernie’s Broomball Tournament. Amazing and very weird how Lord Zedd can just create monsters like that! 😀

As the Angel Grove team practice in the tournament against the Stone Canyon team, Trini becomes smitten with a new young man in Angel Grove. This happens to be Maurice Mendoza as Richie. He seems nice enough but whether he’ll have significance and form a relationship with Trini is uncertain.

Bulk and Skull also walk in the Angel Grove Youth Center with their latest plan to sniff out the Power Rangers. And by sniff out, I mean they have a new invention to sniff out those who could potentially be the Power Rangers when they interview people and track their scents. This of course doesn’t work.

Later on, Kimberly and Tommy go running in the park before they get into a fight with some Putties. The Stag Beetle then attacks and begins to drain Tommy of his power when he’s morphed as the Green Ranger. Tommy becomes weak from the drainage. His friends help to get him to the Command Center.

Alpha says that Tommy’s Green Ranger powers are gone, but fortunately Billy has an idea of building a device that will retrieve the powers from the Stag Beetle. Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Billy go to Angel Grove to fight the Stag Beetle, but the monster is too powerful with the Green Ranger’s powers.

Thankfully Tommy uses the device built to retrieve the Green Ranger powers from the Stag Beetle back into him and the Rangers soon defeat the monster with the Thunder Megazord. Despite Tommy’s power issues, he and the Angel Grove team win the Broomhall Tournament match over Stone Canyon.

‘The Beetle Invasion’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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