‘The Green Candle’ (MMPR) (TV)


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‘The Green Candle’ is another two-part ‘Power Rangers’ story in its first season and one that again changes the dynamic of the regular cast. It’s a ‘Power Rangers’ episode that focuses on Tommy, who loses his Green Ranger powers because of Rita Repulsa. He may never be a Power Ranger ever again.

In ‘Part 1’, Tommy is hoping to ask Kimberly to an upcoming dance whilst practicing martial arts with Zack. But Tommy seems nervous to ask Kimberly out. I’m surprised Tommy seems nervous about this. I’ve always found him confident and Kimberly likes Tommy anyway. There is more than I know.

Anyway, Rita intends to steal the Green Ranger’s powers by using a Powerdraining Candle, which is formed from magic wax. Once the candle is burned out, Tommy’s power will be given to Rita. It’s surprising that it’s taken a while for Rita to do it after she lost the Green Ranger many episodes ago.

When Tommy meets Kimberly and is about to ask her out to the dance, they get attacked by Rita’s Putties. The Putties capture Tommy and he gets taken to Rita’s dark dimension where he faces Goldar. Goldar taunts Tommy a lot when he’s there as he finds he’s losing his Green Ranger powers.

The other five Power Rangers seek out to rescue Tommy, but Angel Grove gets attacked by Rita’s new monster called Cyclops. Cyclops is a one-eyed monster that can disguise himself as anything. This includes the Zords – the Dragonzord, the Dino Megazord and also the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.

The Zord fights in the first episode are exciting to watch. It was fun to see the Dino Megazord fighting a fake Dragonzord before the real Dragonzord turns up. Tommy escapes the dark dimension and helps the Rangers to fight Cyclops. This is with some difficulty because of him losing his powers.

The first episode ends with the six Rangers back at the Command Center and Zordon revealing about Tommy no longer being a Power Ranger when the green candle burns out. Surprisingly, the first episode seems to feel standalone by the time it comes to an end, despite this being a two-part story.

In ‘Part 2’, the story continues when Zordon says that someone must enter the dark dimension to retrieve the candle to save Tommy’s life and powers. Jason decides to go in. I like it when Tommy is anxious about this, but his friends seem determined to help him no matter what danger lies ahead.

The Rangers find a doorway into the dark dimension as they locate the portal in the place where Tommy was kidnapped in ‘Part 1’. Billy has also created this machine to allow access into the dark dimension. When and how Billy found the time to create and build a machine like is very astonishing.

There is a comedic sequence where Bulk and Skull almost ruin things for the Rangers when they find them setting up Billy’s machine on top of a hill. They try to get rid of them because they claim it’s their property. I was anxious that Bulk and Skull would ruin things for the chances of saving Tommy.

Jason eventually enters into the portal and finds himself in the dark dimension where he fights Goldar and tries to get the green candle. Tommy meanwhile stays behind at the Command Center, before Cyclops attacks the city again. Tommy goes out to fight against Cyclops with his Dragonzord.

When the Rangers hear from Zordon about Tommy in trouble with Cyclops, Zach goes into the dark dimension to get Jason back. This is so they can go and help Tommy. It’ll mean ruining their chances of retrieving the green candle off Goldar, but they decide that saving their friend is more important.

There’s a rushed Megazord fight sequence with Cyclops towards the story’s end. But this doesn’t give the Rangers time to go back and retrieve the green candle as it’s already burned out. Tommy soon loses his powers, but he manages to transfer them to Jason to prevent Rita from getting them.

This is very surprising to see in a ‘Power Rangers’ story, since the Rangers don’t win. Tommy loses his Green Ranger powers and may never be a Power Ranger again. But who knows? Tommy may get to be the Green Ranger again someday. Jason’s managed to save Tommy’s powers as the Red Ranger.

But out of this loss for Tommy comes a great reward. Tommy meets up with Kimberly again and they both have their first kiss together. This is rare to see two ‘Power Rangers’ characters kissing each other. Tommy soon asks Kimberly to be his date for the upcoming dance and she happily says “Yes”.

‘The Green Candle’ is a good two-part story in the ‘Power Rangers’ series. Things change again in the Green Ranger saga where Tommy loses his powers, maybe for a temporary period of time. Who knows whether Tommy will get his powers back, but at least he has found romance with Kimberly. 🙂

‘The Green Candle’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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