‘The Green Dream’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is the beginning of a seven episode story arc involving Tommy losing his powers as the Green Ranger called ‘Green No More’. The first episode, ‘The Green Dream’, has Tommy seeming to have bad dreams lately where he loses his Green Ranger powers. Hence the episode’s title.

Lord Zedd takes advantage of Tommy’s anxiety and troubled dreams by making him turn against his other Power Rangers friends temporarily. When Tommy walks alone in the park to the library, a group of Putties gets sent down to capture him, taking him to a cave where Goldar has been waiting for him.

Goldar tells Tommy to obtain the Sword of Power from his friends. I wondered where this Sword of Power came from as I don’t recall it being in previous ‘Power Rangers’ episodes. When I did my research, it turns out its only appearance is in ‘The Green Dream’. Well, that does feel weakly built upon.

After Tommy refuses to steal the Sword of Power, Goldar places him under a spell. This causes Tommy to obey and have red eyes glowing at times. Goldar also finds a book from Tommy’s backpack, to which Lord Zedd creates a monster, based on the image of a creature from that book, called Robogoat.

Tommy meanwhile accompanies the Rangers back to the Command Center where they see Robogoat attacking Angel Grove. They soon summon the Sword of Power before Tommy steals the sword and vanishes. He returns to Goldar to give the sword to him in the cave before the spell gets taken off him.

When Tommy realises what’s happened, he morphs into the Green Rangers and fights Robogoat. However his powers grow weaker in the process until Tommy is unable to fight anymore. The other Rangers then come and fight against Robogoat before the Zordon teleports the Sword of Power back.

Robogoat then grows to giant size to which the Power Rangers summon the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord. Tommy tries to summon his Dragonzord to help the other Rangers, but it fails to respond due to his weakened powers. Thankfully however, the Thunder Megazord defeats Robogoat.

The episode ends with Tommy concerned about his Green Ranger powers nearly gone with Jason and Kimberly trying to comfort and reassure him. ‘The Green Dream’ feels like a great beginning to the seven episode story arc involving Tommy losing his Green Ranger powers. Where will this arc go next?

‘The Green Dream’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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