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Season 2 of ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ begins with a three-part story called ‘The Mutiny’. This is where everything changes in the ‘Power Rangers’ series as we get a brand-new villain in Lord Zedd as well as the Rangers getting new Thunderzords to become the Thunder Megazord. It’s all so exciting!

‘Part I’ begins with the six Rangers as well as Bulk and Skull taking part in a four-wheeler race to raise money for a charity hospital. Um, wouldn’t doing a fundraiser run be more appropriate than a four-wheeler race. I mean clearly you’re going to cause a lot of pollution to the air with those four-wheelers.

Meanwhile up on the moon in Rita Repulsa’s palace, a sudden lightning storm occurs just before Rita’s about to launch her new scheme to destroy the Power Rangers. This is where we meet the evil Lord Zedd, who happens to be Rita’s boss and has returned to finish the work that she failed to accomplish.

Lord Zedd is pretty impressive looking as a ‘Power Rangers’ villain. He was made specifically for the ‘Power Rangers’ series as opposed to the ‘Super Sentai’ series made in Japan. Zedd looks disturbing in his exposed muscle body with twisted metal. He has a red glinted visor and he carries a Z-shaped staff.

Goldar backstabs his former boss Rita and switches loyalties to serve Lord Zedd instead. Zedd rewards Goldar by restoring him his pair of wings on his back. Wait! Goldar had wings once? Wow! Anyway, Rita tries to plead her loyalty to Zedd but he refuses her due to the many times she’s failed in the past.

Zedd creates new Z Putty Patrollers as his foot soldiers to fight the Power Rangers before he shrinks Rita down to size and sends her out into space in her dumpster can. He also creates a new monster called Pirantishead which he sends to destroy the Power Rangers, disrupting them in their charity race.

The Rangers get told about Lord Zedd by Zordon and they soon head out to fight against the Z Putties, managing to defeat them by hitting the Z in their chests. They call confront Pirantishead and summon their Dinozords. This is all before Pirantishead freezes four Dinozords and the Rangers can’t use them.

In ‘Part II’, the Rangers still have the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Tommy summons his Dragonzord in order to fight against Pirantishead. But Pirantishead manages to get the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord under his control before he uses them to turn against the Rangers as it horrifies them.

The Rangers soon return to the Command Center to ask for help from Zordon and Alpha. Fortunately they have already anticipated Lord Zedd’s return and decide to go to the next level for the Power Rangers. The Rangers are to have new and powerful Zords to use in their fight against Lord Zedd’s evil.

These are the Thunderzords. Jason is to have the Red Dragon Thunderzord; Zack is to have the Black Lion Thunderzord; Billy is to have the Blue Unicorn Thunderzord; Trini is to have the Yello Griffin Thunderzord and Kimberly is to have the Pink Firebird Thunderzord. Sadly Tommy doesn’t get a Thunderzord.

Following on from what happened towards the end of Season 1, Tommy’s Green Ranger powers are limited. By this point, Tommy’s powers have become weak and unstable which means he can’t have access to a Thunderzord. Hopefully something better can be sorted out later in the season for Tommy.

But before the Rangers can use their new Thunderzords, they must first regain access to their original Dinozords. This isn’t going to be easy but Billy comes up with a way to regain control of the Dinozords. He with Trini’s help builds this device to the block the signal controlling the Dinozords by Pirantishead.

Meanwhile, Pirantishead is about to attack the racers at the rally and causes mayhem for Bulk and Skull too. Jason, Kimberly, Zack and Tommy go off to fight against Pirantishead as well as some more Z Putties in order to give Billy and Trini more time as well as in preventing the racers from getting hurt.

But this all happens to be a trap as the Rangers are playing into Lord Zedd’s hands. Whilst Jason, Kimberly, Zack and Tommy manage to fight off well against some Z Putties, they’re about to get crushed by the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord when Pirantishead has summoned them.

In ‘Part III’, Billy and Trini soon finish building the device. It got tense when it took them time to build it and the other Rangers were getting anxious. Billy and Trini soon bring the device and switch it on to stop Pirantishead’s signal. It doesn’t work at first. But then Billy realises he got the battery upside down.

I don’t know about you but that sounds so ridiculous and funny at the same time. I don’t know if it works in terms of raising the tension, but it’s so amazing how Billy got the battery upside down to begin with. Anyway, it works a second time and the Rangers are able to regain their original Dinozords.

It isn’t long though before Lord Zedd becomes furious and uses his magic to send the Dinozords down into…hell (?)…below the Earth’s surface. Tommy sends his Dragonzord back into the ocean to prevent it being struck down by Lord Zedd. Zedd then throws a sphere object to make Pirantishead grow giant-sized.

Fortunately Alpha and Zordon are able to recover enough of the Dinozords to create the new Thunderzords. The Power Rangers except Tommy go out to fight Pirantishead again as they summon their new Thunderzords into battle. They merge their five Thunderzords to be the Thunder Megazord.

The Thunder Megazord is impressive to look at compared to the original Dino Megazord. The Thunder Megazord uses its Thunder Saber in order to slash against Pirantishead and destroy him completely. Lord Zord becomes enraged about his first defeat. He blames everybody in the room except him on it.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon is pleased with the Rangers’ success of defeating Lord Zedd’s first monster with their new Thunderzords. It transpires Tommy can’t use his Dragonzord anymore as his Green Ranger powers are limited and he needs to conserve them. It’s sad but there is always hope.

There’s one scene that’s so bizarre and hilarious on three levels. The Rangers see what’s happened to Rita Repulsa on the viewing globe. Rita is in her dumpster, singing to herself to pass the time. Everybody laughs, including Alpha, who laughs weirdly, and even Zordon who looks weird as he laughs.

So the three levels of bizarre and hilarious are Rita’s singing; then Alpha’s strange laugh and Zordon looking weird as he laughs, repeating Rita’s singing. I don’t know about you but that’s the most memorable thing I can take from seeing this three-parter. I re-watched this scene over again and again.

The Rangers soon help Bulk and Skull after freeing them from their out-of-control four-wheelers caused by Pirantishead earlier. Once freed, Bulk and Skull declare their intentions to find out the secret identities of the Power Rangers. This will be a recurring theme throughout Season 2 for Bulk and Skull.

‘The Mutiny’ is a really good three-part story to begin Season 2 of ‘Mighty Morphin’. I like how it introduces Lord Zedd as the new villain and how the Power Rangers get their new Thunderzords to defeat Zedd’s monsters. This is the beginning of better things in this season as more is still yet to come.

‘The Mutiny’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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