‘The Power Stealer’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is the second of the seven episode ‘Green No More’ story arc in Season 2 of the ‘Mighty Morphin’ series. In this episode, the Ranger teens lead a drive to clean up Angel Grove (again). Meanwhile, Lord Zord sends in his monster, the Octophantom, to capture the Power Rangers.

Bulk and Skull also get to have their own interesting story arc in this episode too. By chance, when the Rangers are fighting Putty Patrollers in the park, a video camera records the teens morphing. Bulk and Skull seize upon this chance to expose the Power Rangers’ identities. How will our teens outwit them?

The Octophantom monster sent in to capture the Rangers is a cross between an octopus and an elephant. He also uses a magic jar to capture the Rangers and drain them away of their powers. The first Ranger to fall victim to the Octophantom’s capture is Tommy the Green Ranger. He’s the weakest.

Once the Rangers find that Tommy’s been captured, they go to the Command Center to locate him. Tommy meanwhile is held captive in one of Lord Zedd’s dimensions. Very soon, the Octophantom attacks Angel Grove again and the Rangers go out to fight the monster. But it all turns out to be a trap.

The Octophantom manages to capture Zack, Trini and Kimberly during the fight before he takes them away in his jar. But Billy’s been able to discover a weakness in the monster. It turns out the monster is very vain whenever it looks itself in the monster. Billy soon finds a way to distract the Octophantom.

Jason meanwhile gets back into action and fights the Octophantom out in the open. He also sees the other four Rangers, Zack; Kimberly; Trini and Tommy held captive above the fight and guarded by Putties. Jason soon receives a weapon from Billy which is a shield with a mirror to distract the monster.

Whilst Jason uses the shield to distract and fight the monster, Billy fights the Putties to free and release his friends. Tommy is very weak with using his Green Ranger powers for so long, so he’s sent back to the Command Center. Jason manages to catch the Octophantom off guard as he uses the mirror on it.

Eventually the Octophantom grows to giant size before the Rangers fight in their Thunderzords before destroying the monster with Thunder Megazord. Overall, this is a very good second episode in the ‘Green No More’ saga. The episodes feel standalone so far. I wonder what will happen to Tommy next.

‘The Power Stealer’ (MMPR) rating – 8/10

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