‘The Rockstar’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This ‘Power Rangers’ episode has Jason/Red Ranger spending some time with his cousin Jeremy. Billy; Trini; Kimberly and Zack meanwhile go off on vacation somewhere in the RADBUG. But Rita Repulsa causes trouble by sending her minions, including Scorpina, to find the Mirror of Destruction.

Incidentally, this episode doesn’t feature Jason David Frank as Tommy. One wonders where Tommy is during the events of this episode as his absence is unexplained. Perhaps he had a more successful vacation than Billy; Trini; Kimberly and Zack. Clearly this is meant to be a pre-Tommy series episode.

Anyway, this episode focuses on Jason’s character. I admit it is nice to see Jason having a cousin called Jeremy. It’s interesting how Jason entertains Jeremy when he’s on vacation. He gives Jeremy a few martial arts lessons on the beach and also run into Bulk and Skull who make fools of themselves.

Sometimes though I found Jeremy a little over enthusiastic and it did get a little annoying. He’s keen to learn martial arts from Jason and is excited when he meets the Power Rangers, telling everyone else about it. I wished Jeremy piped down when he was with Jason and the others in the last scene.

But here’s something that got me annoyed whilst watching this episode. Jason; Trini; Kimberly and Zack go off to fight Scorpina whilst Billy goes off to find Jeremy. But in the morphing sequence, Billy is seen calling out his dinosaur with the others. Did Billy look for Jeremy whilst in Blue Ranger mode?

I don’t know, as it’s never shown that Billy was looking for Jeremy whilst the other four Rangers are fighting Scorpina, the Putties and the titular Rockstar monster. And the next time we see Billy as the Blue Ranger, he has re-joined the others. Was it so hard to film a scene with Billy looking for Jeremy?

Jeremy uses the Mirror of Destruction to destroy a Putty and the Rangers use the Dino Megazord to destroy the Mirror with the Power Sword whilst fighting Scorpina in her monster mode with Goldar. But honestly, these aspects don’t impress me as I consider this an average ‘Power Rangers’ episode.

‘The Rockstar’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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