‘The Yolk’s On You!’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a rather unusual ‘Power Rangers’ episode from the series featuring a monster with a bizarre motive. In the episode, a talent show is held at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Jason and Tommy are performing a martial arts act while Bulk and Skull are doing a loud rock guitar gig that’s bound to fail.

Meanwhile, Finster prepares a birthday present for Rita Repulsa. My, my! The ‘Power Rangers’ enemies have birthdays, do they? 😀 The present of course is a new monster that happens to be called Fang. Fang is a monster with a strange motive, as he’s protective over his rare Goony Bird eggs.

Tommy forgets the belts for his and Jason’s act at the talent show. He goes off to fetch the belts, but on his return he runs into a number of Putty Patrollers. He fights them off, before he loses his communicator and Power Morpher. He then gets caught in a net hanging from a tree by the Putties.

Now you would think that the Putties would take the communicator and the Power Morpher to give to Rita at her palace. But nope! They don’t do that. They keep hold of them whilst guarding Tommy in the net, before he gets free and recovers his Power Morpher and communicator from them.

Are the Putties that dim-witted? Anyway, there’s trouble when Goldar, Squatt and Baboo go in search for the new monster Fang under Rita’s command. Squatt and Baboo stumble upon two Goony Bird eggs and eat them up, before Fang turns up and is upset as they happen to be his lunch.

Rita and her goons manage to persuade Fang to fight the Rangers so that he can have more eggs. Fang falls for the lies and fights the Rangers off, first on the ground and then in giant form. The Rangers use their Dinozords and soon have help from Tommy as Green Ranger with his Dragonzord.

There’s first the Dino Megazord, then the Dragonzord Battle Mode and then the Ultrazord with Titanus before the Rangers defeat Fang. ‘The Yolk’s On You!’ isn’t what I call a classic ‘Power Rangers’ episode. The monster has a bizarre motive for wanting his eggs and keeps repeating it when fighting.

‘The Yolk’s On You!’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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