‘To Flea Or Not To Flee’ (MMPR) (TV)


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‘To Flea Or Not To Flee’…that is the question? Yeah. They really made a joke out of Hamlet’s famous quote, didn’t they? 😀 This ‘Power Rangers’ episode is about Jason and a cute doggie. Yeah, my cuddly toy dog Cuddles was into this episode. 😀 I believe this is the first ‘Power Rangers’ TV story about a dog.

The episode starts with Zack, Trini, Kimberly and Billy trying to raise money for the Juice Bar as Ernie is going out of business. What?! When did this happen? As far as I was concerned, Ernie’s Juice Bar seemed to doing very well. Did I miss a few episodes before this? This sounds an intriguing story arc.

Anyway, Jason meets up with the others and has found a dog. The Rangers instantly fall in love with dog and I admit I found him cute as well. 😀 I’m surprised the Rangers didn’t give the dog a name. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull find a poster about a lost dog and there’s a generous reward if it’s found.

The lost dog happens to be the one that Jason found. Bulk and Skull follow Jason with Kimberly as they go out to walk the dog in the park. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa plans to use the dog to get to Jason as the Red Ranger by planting a vicious flea on him. Rita also creates her own Fighting Flea monster.

Jason gets a flea from the dog and instantly starts scratching the inch off like crazy. It’s not long before Jason and Kimberly fight some Putties in the park. Jason manages to get the flea on them and they scratch like crazy too. Bulk and Skull also steal the dog, whilst Jason and Kimberly aren’t looking.

The itching gets worse for Jason especially when he morphs into the Red Ranger. Thankfully, Billy manages to provide an antidote for the itching. Jason gets cured before the five Power Rangers fight against the Fighting Flea with the high-pitched voice and defeat him with their own Dino Megazord.

The episode ends with the Rangers having the dog back before it gets returned to its owner, who appears in the Juice Bar without explanation who she is and why she was in the Juice Bar. Ernie also receives the reward of a large amount of money from the dog’s owner and the Juice Bar gets saved.

‘To Flea Or Not To Flee’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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