‘Trick or Treat’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a ‘Power Rangers’ episode for Halloween, even though this was shown in May 1994. In the episode, Kimberly and Skull compete on a game show in the hopes of winning a new car. Not exactly sure why Kimberly would want to go for this game show, but I guess winning a new car would be nice.

Also why is it that Bulk and Skull always keep competing with the Rangers, even though they’re bound to lose as they’re idiotic morons sometimes? The game show of course is Halloween themed and our heroes dress up in Halloween-esque garb. Tommy unfortunately cannot attend Kimberly’s game show.

Tommy has a karate tournament that he needs to attend, which Kimberly appreciates and understands. But on the way to the karate tournament, Tommy encounters some Putties as well as a pile of rotten pumpkins planted by Rita Repulsa and her minions. What can be going on in Rita’s plans?

It seems that Rita is preparing her new monster, the Pumpkin Rapper, to destroy the Power Rangers. I’ve noticed how we keep cutting from Kimberly and Skull in the ‘Treat or Treat’ game show to Tommy fighting Putties and back again. Tommy informs Zordon about what’s happening with those pumpkins.

Zordon tells Tommy to go to his karate tournament and will let him know if the Rangers need him. And sure enough, the Rangers get summoned by Zordon and Alpha to attend to the pumpkins. I do like how Kimberly seems willing to give up her chances of winning a new car when they get summoned.

Tommy is also summoned when the Rangers are in trouble by the Pumpkin Rapper and he too gives up his chances of winning the karate tournament. I found it disturbing when the Rangers get pumpkins stuffed on their heads and suffocating them. Thankfully, Kimberly manages to rescue her four friends.

And yes, the Pumpkin Rapper is exactly what you expect him to be. A pumpkin-looking monster that…raps when he speaks. I found that to be annoying whenever the monster spoke whilst fighting the Rangers. Thankfully, the Rangers defeat the Pumpkin Rapper. The monster doesn’t go giant-sized.

‘Trick or Treat’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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