‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’ (MMPR) (TV)


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In this ‘Power Rangers’ episode, Jason and Tommy begin a woman’s self defence class for the mothers in Angel Grove. Err…wouldn’t it be better for Kimberly and Trini to lead this woman’s self-defence class rather than Jason and Tommy. Well, at least Kimberly and Trini do partake in the class.

During the self defence class, Jason and Tommy tell the mothers in Angel Grove that ‘two heads are better than one’. There’s your episode title. Rita overhears this and decides to create a monster based on that famous phrase. Oh that’s not a joke. That happens. She literally creates that monster.

That monster happens to be the Two-Headed Parrot monster, which looks a bit bizarre even for a two-headed monster. For one thing, the Two-Headed Parrot has a head where it should be on the top of the body and has a face on his chest. Err…I usually think of two actual heads atop of the body.

The Two-Headed Parrot fights Jason and Tommy in the park where they’re preparing for their next self-defence class. After the monster becomes too powerful for them, the Rangers re-group back at the Command Center and are told that the Two-Headed Parrot’s favourite food is the pamango fruit.

Tommy goes out looking for this pamango whilst the other five Rangers go off fighting the Two-Headed Parrot. Tommy finds one pamango on a tree in the park, but gets ambushed by putties who steal the fruit from him. This is a blow for Tommy since he wonders where to get another pamango.

Eventually, Tommy goes to see Ernie at his juice bath in the Angel Grove Youth Centre. Ernic has been selling exotic fruit flavoured drinks. One of these fruits is a pamango. As it’s the only one Ernie has, Tommy persuades him to give it to him on behalf of Kimberly. Ernie agrees to give it to Tommy.

Wow! That was surprisingly easy, even from Ernie. Thankfully, the Rangers manage to defeat the Two-Headed Parrot monster with the pamango before the final showdown with the Ultrazord in giant form. This episode is pretty entertaining and silly in paces. It’s typical 90s ‘Power Rangers’ fun!

‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’ (MMPR) rating – 7/10

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