‘Wheel of Misfortune’ (MMPR) (TV)


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This is a rather average ‘Power Rangers’ episode for me. It starts off well at the beginning, but then I feel it sags halfway. The episode focuses on Kimberly who takes part in a school play called ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. Bulk and Skull are in the play too, which does make things worse for the rehearsals.

During a rehearsal supervised by Principal Caplan (yeah he returns in this), Bulk goofs around and damages Kimberly’s grandmother’s spinning wheel in the play. Kimberly is very upset when this happens. They should have realised that Bulk wouldn’t be a good actor through his bumbling antics.

Meanwhile on the moon, Rita Repulsa has her minions steal Kimberly’s grandmother’s spinning wheel and turn it into an evil wheel of misfortune to defeat the Power Ranger. How petty can Rita be? She had an evil Green Power Ranger once. Now she’s reduced back to stealing a spinning wheel?

I like how Tommy helps Kimberly to fix the spinning wheel when it happens to be broken before they discover it’s been stolen by Goldar. Tommy soon gets captured after fighting a few Putties. The five teens are unable to help Tommy when they get sent by Zordon to fight against Goldar and Scorpina.

Yeah! Scorpina from ‘Green With Evil’ returns in this episode. Where has she been all this time? Rita then makes Goldar and Scorpina and again it’s the monstrous form for Scorpina instead of her human form. The Rangers soon summon their Dinozords but struggle to fight the two foes as giants.

Tommy soon turns up to help the five Rangers as he summons his Dragonzord. The Ranger soon merges their Dinozords to become the Dino Megazord. They also summon Titanus (somehow) to form their Dino Megazord to become the Ultrazord and destroy the wheel of misfortune (somehow).

The episode’s end has Kim’s grandmother’s spinning wheel restored to normal and fixed, which I feel is weakly handled despite Zordon’s explanation. There’s also the school play performed by Kimberly, which Bulk still messes up by being clumsy. Overall, this ‘Power Rangers’ episode was very average.

‘Wheel of Misfortune’ (MMPR) rating – 6/10

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