‘Back to the Future’ (Film)

Back to the Future Trilogy DVD1 


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Back In Time (Part 1)

‘Back to the Future’ is one of my favourite movie trilogies ever!

All three films are directed by Robert Zemeckis and presented by award-winning Steven Spielberg. They also feature a stunning cast starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. These are the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Emmet Brown as they travel in a 80s Dolorean car back in time.

These three films are all about time-travel and make up for one clever story introducing the uninitiated into the concepts and responsibilities of travelling through time. This is a movie trilogy you don’t want to miss! Hold on tight and fasten your seat belts! It’s time to go…back to the future!

The first ‘Back to the Future’ film was made in 1985, the same year in which this film is set. This popular film is a story about a typical teenager named Marty McFly who accidentally drives a Delorean car back in time to 1955.

The result has him meeting his parents who are the same age as he is. Marty has to put everything back on the right course of history. It’s a lovely idea of what it’d be like to meet your parents as kids.

The way director Robert Zemeckis and producer/writer Bob Gale has told this story is very clever and fun to watch. Also how Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd play Marty and the Doc is engaging.


I was pulled into the world of ‘Back to the Future’ when my dad purchased the movie trilogy for us before Christmas 2002. My parents and I watched all three films during the course of three nights.

When I saw the first film, I must admit I didn’t know what to expect. Then when we get to Marty joining the Doc who drives his Dolorean car as a time machine and that’s where the story changed.

Michael J. Fox is brilliant as Marty McFly. I heard Fox’s voice as Stuart Little before seeing him in live-action. I like the teenage attitude he brings to Marty and being freaked out by being back in 1955.


Christopher Lloyd is equally brilliant as Doc Brown. The Doc’s a mad scientist who’s created a time machine out of a 80s Delorean car. Lloyd gets to play two versions of Doc, one in 1985 and in 1955.

Lea Thompson stars as Lorraine, Marty’s mom who he meets as a young girl in 1955. Lea is lovely as Lorriane and it was funny to watch when Marty meets his mom at his age and she fancies him.

Crispin Glover stars as George, Marty’s dad who he meets as a young man in 1955. Crispin’s great as George as he starts being lacking in confidence and insecure before asking Marty’s mom on a date.


Thomas F. Wilson stars as Biff Tannen, a bully who picks on George McFly at school in 1955. Biff tries to win his way with Lorraine and she despises him. Marty manages to find a fight with him at times.

The Delorean car featured in the movie as the time machine is very impressive. I like it when it goes at 88 mph to reach its ability to time travel in time, though it causes Marty stress when he’s in 1955.

The humour is very good in this movie as well as the drama. Some of the jokes and blending of 1985 meeting 1955 as far as Marty was concerned was great and the character moments are very superb.

The music composed by Alan Silvestri is epic and triumphant as I love his ‘Back to the Future’ theme. Also the songs by Huey Lewis and News including ‘The Power of Love’ are some of my favourites.

The original DVD special features are as follows. There’s ‘The Making of ‘Back to the Future’ documentary; the ‘Making the Trilogy: Chapter 1’ documentary and an audio commentary with director Robert Zemeckis and producer Bob Gale. There are also outtakes; deleted scenes and a ‘Did You Know That?’ animated commentary. There are also original make-up tests; storyboard to final feature comparisons; production archives and the original theatrical teaser trailer for the movie.

The 30th anniversary DVD/Blu-ray special features are as follows. There’s an audio commentary with producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton without director Robert Zemeckis. There’s also an audio commentary track which is actually a Q&A session with director Robert Zemeckis and producer Bob Gales in front of a live audience, moderated by Laurent Bouzerau. There are also the first three parts of a six-part retrospective on ‘Back to the Future’ with brand-new behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews, including ‘Tales From The Future: In the Beginning’, ‘Tales From The Future: Time to Go’ and ‘Tales From The Future: Keeping Time’. There’s ‘Back to the Future’ Night’; ‘The Making of ‘Back to the Future’ documentary; the ‘Making the Trilogy: Chapter 1’ documentary; a ‘Michael J. Fox Q&A’ and a behind-the-scenes section including outtakes, deleted scenes, original make-up tests and photo galleries including production archives. There’s a music video on ‘The Power of Love’ and the original theatrical teaser trailer for the movie.

This first ‘Back to the Future’ movie was amazing and gripping to watch. I was overcome with excitement and emotion by the end of the first movie. I looked forward to see what happens next.

At the end, Doc takes Marty and his girlfriend with him as they ‘fly’ off to the future…

‘Back to the Future’ rating – 10/10

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Return to Back to the Future
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2 thoughts on “‘Back to the Future’ (Film)

  1. Timelord 007

    Epic reviewing of a cult classic, i love these movies as you know & your review i felt the love for this movie.

    Sad to say they don’t make em like this today.

    Have you ever watched the making of on DVD/Blu ray this film had lot of behind the scenes dramas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Thanks Timelord Simon.

      Glad you enjoyed my review on the first ‘Back to the Future’ movie. I saw it recently and loved every minute of it.

      I’ve not seen the latest ‘Back to the Future’ making-of documentary for the 30th anniversary DVD if that’s what you mean. I hope I’ll get to watch it soon when I revisit the movie trilogy someday.

      I’ve discovered that there have been movie novelizations for the ‘Back to the Future’ films. I hope I’ll get to read those someday.

      Thanks again!

      Tim. 🙂



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