‘The Agenda’ (TV)


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This is the three-part season finale of Season 2 in ‘Beast Wars’.

In ‘Part 1’, the Maximals hope to get back to Cybertron. But they are unaware of Megatron’s secret agenda. They are soon joined by Ravage who was once a former Decepticon and is now a Predacon.

In ‘Part 2’, Silverbolt goes out to find Blackarachnia whilst Optimus and Cheetor go to find Energon only to be attacked by Inferno. Megatron reveals his true reasons for stealing the Golden Disk to Ravage.

In ‘Part 3’, Megatron finds the crashed Ark that contains the Autobots and the Deceptions in their four-million-year sleep. As the Maximals try to stop him, Megatron blows up Optimus Prime’s head to cause a timestorm.

‘The Agenda’ rating – 9/10

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