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There was a time when ‘Doctor Who’ was unloved by the BBC and wasn’t show on TV from 1989 to 2005 called ‘the wilderness years’. ‘Doctor Who’ fans kept the series alive through books, audios and comics. But BBV Productions also kept ‘Doctor Who’ alive through their video and audio productions.

On this page, my BBV reviews on anything video and audio related and connected to ‘Doctor Who’ will be posted on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. This will include reviews on films like ‘Do You Have a Licence To Save This Planet?’ with Sylvester McCoy and audios like ‘Wirrn: Race Memory’ with Sarah Sutton.

Please feel free to visit, read and comment on my ‘BBV’ reviews and discover whether I enjoyed these ‘Doctor Who’-related productions or not.

Here is a list of my reviews in relation to BBV productions. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.




  • ‘The Zero Imperative’ (Film)
  • ‘The Devil of Winterborne’ (Film)
  • ‘Unnatural Selection’ (Film)
  • ‘Ghosts of Winterborne’ (Film)
  • ‘When to Die’ (Film)
  • ‘Shadows of Doubt’ (Webcast)
  • P.R.O.B.E. Case Files
    • Volume 1
      • ‘First Entry’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Kelpie’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Peckham Poltergeist’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Manchester’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Shadow People’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Stacey Facade’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Varunastra’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Doctor X’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Goo!’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Sherwood Sorceress’ (Webcast)
    • Volume 2
      • ‘A Message From Sir Andrew’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Daylight Savings’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Ichor’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Out of the Shadows of Doubt’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Fog’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Lauren Anderson’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Living Fiction’ (Webcast)
      • ‘The Only Cure’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Ex-President’ (Webcast)
      • ‘Legend’ (Webcast)
    • Volume 3
      • ‘Maxie Masters’ (Webcast)


  • ‘Cyber-Hunt’ (Audio)
  • ‘Cybergeddon’ (Audio)
  • ‘Cyberon’ (Film)
  • ‘Cyberon is Back!!’ (Webcast)
  • ‘Cyberon’ (Anthology)
    • ‘Flight of the Cyberons’
    • ‘The Last Dose’
    • ‘Silver-Tongued Liars’
    • ‘A Worthy Successor’
    • ‘Barnyard of the Cyberons’
    • ‘The Blue Scream of Death’
    • ‘Under Construction’
  • ‘Curse of the Cyberons’ (Audio)


  • ‘Republica’ (Audio)
  • ‘Island of Lost Souls’ (Audio)
  • ‘Prosperity Island’ (Audio)
  • ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ (Audio)
  • ‘The Other Side’ (Audio)
  • ‘Guests for the Night’ (Audio)
  • ‘Ghosts’ (Audio)
  • ‘Only Human’ (Audio)
  • ‘Blood Sports’ (Audio)
  • ‘Punchline’ (Audio)



Licensed ‘Doctor Who’ spin-offs

  • ‘K-9 and his Mistress’
    • ‘The Choice’ (Audio)
    • ‘The Search’ (Audio)
  • ‘Zygons’
    • ‘Homeland’ (Audio)
    • ‘Absolution’ (Audio)
    • ‘The Barnacled Baby’ (Audio)
  • ‘Krynoids’
    • ‘The Root of All Evil’ (Audio)
    • ‘The Green Man’ (Audio)
  • ‘Sontarans’
    • ‘Silent Warrior’ (Audio)
    • ‘Old Soldiers’ (Audio)
    • ‘Conduct Unbecoming’ (Audio)
  • ‘Rutans: In 2 Minds’ (Audio)
  • ‘The ‘I’: I Scream’ (Audio)
  • ‘Guy de Carnac: ‘The Quality of Mercy’ (Audio)
  • ‘The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind’ (Audio)
  • ‘Wirrn: Race Memory’ (Audio)
  • ‘Faction Paradox’
    • ‘The Eleven Day Empire’ (Audio)
    • ‘The Shadow Play’ (Audio)
    • ‘Sabbath Dei’ (Audio)
    • ‘The Year of the Cat’ (Audio)
    • ‘Movers’ (Audio)
    • ‘A Labyrinth of Histories’ (Audio)

Unofficial/Apocryphal ‘Doctor Who’ spin-offs

  • ‘Vital Signs’ (Audio)
  • ‘Infidel’s Comet’ (Audio)
  • ‘The Pattern’ (Audio)

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