The Allies’ Timelines Index

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‘Doctor Who’ is a TV show that has lasted for over 50 years. Our favourite Time Lord – The Doctor – has had a many friends and allies helping him in his adventures in time and space. These include allies from the TV screen, but also allies in the form of audios; books; comics and many other things.

Here on this page is an index of all the Doctor’s allies who weren’t travelling companions with him in the TARDIS. This includes allies from various eras of the history of ‘Doctor Who’ that have featured respectively in many of the Doctor’s timelines.

These include allies from the Paternoster Gang (Madame Vastra; Strax and Jenny); Winston Churchill; Sabalom Glitz; Iris Wildthyme; Sherlock Holmes; Vienna Salvatori; U.N.I.T.; Torchwood and many more.

Click on the links of each of the Doctors’ allies to their timelines.

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Iris Wildthyme


Irving Braxiatel

The Paternoster Gang


Sherlock Holmes





Winston Churchill

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