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Fear-Making at the Sen-Gen Facility

Hugh Ross, Lizzie Roper and Adrian Lukis in ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

The second episode of the ‘Counter-Measures’ series ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is by Matt Fitton. Matt Fitton has written a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories for Big Finish and is currently doing so to this day.

I actually found the second episode of ‘Counter-Measures’ a lot better than the first, as I enjoyed listening to it. It features a good plot and has some tense dramatic moments in the story throughout.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a story about the Counter-Measures team investigating a suicide at the Sen-Gen Facility. They discover this weapon which could be used in the Cold War at around that period.

The weapon has an ‘artificial intelligence’ that uses Rachel’s voice and can amplify your fears. This episode feels so 60s, as was intended to be by Matt Fitton when he wrote it for ‘Counter-Measures’.

It has the Cold War element which was rampant at the time. Everyone was still recovering from the Second World War. There’s also has an optimistic feel to it, as there’s a need to overcome your fears.

Simon Williams as Group Captain Gilmore has an interesting character development in this episode. He reunites with his old flame – Dr. Nadia Èervenka – which was interesting to discover as I heard it.

It introduces this new side to Gilmore’s character, since he’s reluctant to reveal more information about his former ‘romance’ to Rachel and Allison. Who knows how many past romances that he had.

Pamela Salem as Rachel gets to discover the new weapon at the Sen-Gen Facility and is shocked to find its voice in the AI. She doesn’t like it when Sir Toby seems to know more info than she seems to.

I liked it when Rachel doubts herself and Gilmore encourages her by telling her she’s a good leader of the ‘Counter-Measures’ team. This strengthens the relationship of these characters in the series.

Karen Gledhill as Allison shares with Rachel about discovering the AI weapon at the Sen-Gen Facility. This episode also introduces Allison’s boyfriend/fiancée Julian for the first time in the spin-off series.

In this episode, Allison begins to have doubts about her relationship with Julian, saying it’s not going anywhere. I did enjoy it when Allison had her romantic scenes with Julian during this audio episode.

Hugh Ross as Sir Toby gets more interesting as he has meetings with Professor Broderick about the AI weapon. He also meets up with Julian as he entrusts him to the psychological side of this mission.

It’s interesting how Sir Toby keeps information hidden from Gilmore and Rachel during this episode. You can say Sir Toby is a typical political character, who can be dodgy and amiable at the same time.

This episode also features Alistair Mackenzie as Julian St Stephen, Allison’s boyfriend. Alistair is well-known as Archie in ‘Monarch of the Glen’ and he’s played Adric Traken, Nyssa’s son in the ‘Doctor Who’ audios.

Alistair’s appearance in this ‘Counter-Measures’ series is the reason why I decided to purchase this box set. I enjoyed chatting to Karen Gledhill and Hugh Ross about them working with Alistar Mackenzie.

I also enjoyed Alistair playing Julian in ‘Counter-Measures’. Julian was mentioned in the novelization of ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ and he was briefly mentioned in the previous episode, ‘Threshold’.

Julian’s field happens to be psychology, which serves as an interesting use for this episode. I liked the romantic scenes Julian has with Allison in this story. What do you expect with Alistar Mackenzie? 😀

The cast also includes Adrian Lukis as Professor Jeffrey Broderick. Adrian has appeared in a BBC production of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with Colin Firth and has also been in two Fifth Doctor audio tales.

There’s also Lizzie Roper as Dr. Nadia Èervenka, Ian Gilmore’s old flame. I found Nadia interesting. When she reunites with Gilmore, she barely acknowledges him and she gets voices inside her head.

The episode ends with Gilmore and Rachel settling their differences on the group’s leadership. Allison and Julian get engaged to be married and Sir Toby visits a mad Professor Broderick in his cell.

Things made me wonder what would happen next in the rest of Series 1 of ‘Counter-Measures’. I was enjoying this series by this point and I hoped things would get more interesting as it continued.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ (CM) rating – 8/10

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