‘Exit Wounds’ (TW) (TV)


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Captain John, Gray and the End of the World

The series finale and Cardiff is under attack. I remember seeing this last ‘Torchwood’ episode of Series 2 at my best mate Stephen’s house in Penarth. This was a day before Series 4 of ‘Doctor Who’ started.

This episode is by Chris Chibnall and is an explosive ending to a great series of ‘Torchwood’ episodes. It involves a very timey-wimey element to it but it also has this pretty heart-breaking conclusion to it.

This episode features the return of James Marsters as Captain John Hart who comes back to cause explosions in Cardiff’s city centre. But it seems that it is not Captain John who is the villain of this story.

John is being manipulated to do these things as he kidnaps Jack and takes him back in time to Cardiff in 27 AD. There Jack is reunited with his long-lost brother Gray, but it’s not a very happy reunion here.

Lachlan Nieboer guest stars as Gray, who’s become a bitter and vicious man. He wants vengeance on Jack for letting go of his hand all those years ago. Gray is also really murderous as a ‘Torchwood’ villain.

He gets Captain John to bury his brother alive in the ground. Gray also lets loose hordes of Weevils out onto the streets of Cardiff, killing many people. It’s up to the Torchwood to stop what’s happening.

This episode features Kai Owen as Rhys and Tom Price as PC Andy for the series finale. It also features the alien Hoix that appeared in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Love and Monsters’, which was a nice surprise.

This episode has the shock departure of not one but two regular cast members. We say goodbye to Burn Gorman as Owen and Naoko Mori as Toshiko. Both die really tragically at the TV episode’s climax.

I wasn’t expecting this and I was pretty heart-broken by the way they died as it was meant to be. Things will never be the same again without Owen and Toshiko in the Torchwood team. I still miss them.

The DVD special features on this episode in ‘The Complete Series 2’ of ‘Torchwood’ are as follows. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Torchwood Declassified’ episode ‘Avulsion’.

On Disc 4 of ‘The Complete Series 2’ of ‘Torchwood’, there’s the ‘Torchwood Declassified’ documentary called ‘The Life and Deaths of Captain Jack’. There are also outtakes and deleted scenes from Series 2 of ‘Torchwood’.

On Disc 5 of ‘The Complete Series 2’ of ‘Torchwood’, all thirteen episodes of ‘Torchwood Declassified’ for Series 2 are there. These are nice behind-the-scenes looks on the episodes of Series 2.

Series 2 of ‘Torchwood’ was a great series to watch on BBC Two and occasionally on BBC Three during the early months of 2008. I immensely enjoyed these episodes and found them to be much better than the ones in Series 1 of ‘Torchwood’. I did like the character development of the ‘Torchwood’ regulars.

I also found how the writing had improved from the previous season. Series 2 ends on a sad note, but all things considered it’s a very good collection of storytelling and action-packed adventure and thrills. I wondered what would happen next to the Torchwood team as it was just Jack, Gwen and Ianto here.

‘Exit Wounds’ (TW) rating – 8/10

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