‘Reset’ (TW) (TV)


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Martha Jones Joins Torchwood

This episode by writer J.C. Wilsher was one I was looking forward to very much in Series 2 of ‘Torchwood’! This is the first to feature three guest appearances of Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones!

Martha of course was a companion to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in Series 3 of ‘Doctor Who’. This was the first of three episodes where Martha appears joining the Torchwood team in their adventures.

I really like Martha as a character and it was great to see her meet up with Jack and his Torchwood team. I loved the scenes Martha that shared with Jack, Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto in the episode.

References are made to previous ‘Doctor Who’ episodes with Martha. She now works for U.N.I.T as a medical doctor. In this, Martha helps Jack and the Torchwood team investigate some mystery deaths.

This episode features another special guest star. Alan Dale (Jim from ‘Neighbours’) guest stars as scientist Aaron Copley, who runs the Pharm clinic. He’s this medical scientist with some shifty motives.

He carries out experiments on people and cures their diseases using alien DNA. These experiments give side-effects from the treatment, especially when insect-like Mayflies come out of people’s bodies.

The episode ends on a shocking cliff-hanger and one I absolutely didn’t expect. Owen gets shot by Copley when the Torchwood team save the day. This did upset me when I watched the episode on TV.

I couldn’t believe Owen had died in the episode. Owen can’t be dead! We’re only halfway through the season. Is he really dead? That’s what I wanted to discover when it came to watching the next episode.

The DVD special features on this episode in ‘The Complete Series 2’ of ‘Torchwood’ are as follows. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Torchwood Declassified’ episode ‘Animal Pharm’.

‘Reset’ (TW) rating – 9/10

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