‘To The Last Man’ (TW) (TV)


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Toshiko’s Love Story With Tommy

This is a beautifully written ‘Torchwood’ episode by Helen Raynor. She is a writer and was a script-editor on ‘Doctor Who’. Helen also previously wrote the ‘Torchwood’ episode ‘Ghost Machine’ for TV.

This is probably one of my favourite episodes from ‘Torchwood’. It’s a simple love story about Toshiko falling in love with a handsome soldier from the First World War. I did enjoy seeing this episode on TV.

Every year at Torchwood Cardiff, Anthony Lewis as Tommy Brockless gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up for one day each year. Toshiko falls for Tommy and the two share a sweet romance together.

But it is a romance that’s doomed to end. I like Toshiko’s character in ‘Torchwood’ and Naoko Mori plays her brilliantly in the series. I like how Tosh is unlucky-in-love and committed 24/7 to Torchwood.

We see another side to Tosh’s character when she falls in love with Tommy. I like the romantic thread running throughout this story as Tommy seems a perfect match for Tosh as a love interest in the story.

You really want to see these two together and not be parted from each other. The romance side of the episode is also well-balanced with an intriguing time-travel mystery happening at this old hospital.

It is a hospital where two time zones – 1918 and the present day. They seem to be coexisting with each other. I quite like this aspect of the tale since this all explains why Tommy has to go back to 1918.

Tommy must go back to set things right and to restore time on a linear course. This episode truly is gripping and heart-breaking to watch. I was very satisfied by the outcome of this ‘Torchwood’ episode.

The DVD special features on this episode in ‘The Complete Series 2’ of ‘Torchwood’ are as follows. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Torchwood Declassified’ episode ‘Step Back in Time’.

‘To The Last Man’ (TW) rating – 9/10

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