‘The Man From DOCTO(R)’ (ST)

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Harry on a Mission

This story is by Andrew Collins and it features Harry Sullivan. The story takes place after Harry left the Fourth Doctor in ‘Terror of the Zygons’ and it’s also after ‘The Android Invasion’. This action-packed adventure is in the style of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ TV series, which I have seen a bit of. 😀

I enjoyed ‘The Man From DOCTO(R)’ as it’s a fine story for Harry Sullivan. It plays to the strengths of his character since Harry gets himself caught up in an adventure involving a pretty girl and it’s full of twists and turns. I enjoyed checking out the story upon revisiting the ‘Short Trips: Companions’ book.

I enjoyed it when the story starts with Harry sharing his adventures with his friends Chumpy and Buffy at a pub. They enjoy the stories he shares, but they don’t believe they happened. Lettice Butts is the pretty young girl who gives Harry passionate kisses before she slips a homing device on him. 🙂

The villain happens to be Abel Crumpton who is the leader of the alien Garvaks. He has a bodyguard with him, which happens to be Mr. Cruncher. Harry sadly gets tortured by Mr. Cruncher in the story. The Garvaks happen to be lizard-like aliens. It’s intriguing lizards are again a villain in ‘Doctor Who’.

Harry also meets the Zantorans who are terrorised by the Garvaks. Radcliff is a Zantoran and he takes Harry to the Department of Overt and Covert Tactical Operations (Regional) – also called DOCTO(R). Lettice is a Zantoran too. By the end, there’s this egg that turns the Garvaks into chickens.

‘The Man From DOCTO(R)’ rating – 8/10

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