Lucie’s Timeline


Here is ‘Lucie’s Timeline’.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the audios into this list for now.

The (Audio) stories are highlighted in ORANGE.

The short stories are highlighted in ORANGE and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

The stories with links to reviews by me on my blog are highlighted in BOLD and ORANGE.

Regarding the (Audio) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

**BFAD – Big Finish Audio Drama
**BFAB – Big Finish Audio Book

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 2 phases
1. Lucie with the Eighth Doctor
2. Lucie with the Eighth Doctor and Tasmin

1. Lucie with the Eighth Doctor

1. Blood of the Daleks (Audio) – BFAD**
2. Horror of Glam Rock (Audio) – BFAD**
3. Immortal Beloved (Audio) – BFAD**
4. Phobos (Audio) – BFAD**
5. No More Lives (Audio) – BFAD**
6. Human Resources (Audio) – BFAD**

The Eighth Doctor and Lucie’s off-audio appearance in ‘The 100 Days of the Doctor’ from ‘100’ (Audio) – BFAD** takes place here.
‘Remain in Light’ (ST)
‘Decorative Purposes’ (ST)

7. The Dalek Trap (Audio) – BFAD**
8. The Revolution Game (Audio) – BFAD**
9. The House on the Edge of Chaos (Audio) – BFAD**
10. Island of the Fendahl (Audio) – BFAD**
11. Dead London (Audio) – BFAD**
12. Max Warp (Audio) – BFAD**
13. Brave New Town (Audio) – BFAD**

‘The Great Escapes’ (ST)

14. The Skull of Sobek (Audio) – BFAD**
15. Grand Theft Cosmos (Audio) – BFAD**
16. The Zygon Who Fell To Earth (Audio) – BFAD**

‘The Young Lions’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**
‘The Caves of Erith’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**
‘Flashpoint’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**

17. Sisters of the Flame/The Vengeance of Morbius (Audio) – BFAD**
18. Orbis (Audio)  – BFAD**
19. Hothouse (Audio) – BFAD**
20. The Beast of Orlok (Audio) – BFAD**
21. Wirrn Dawn (Audio) – BFAD**
22. The Scapegoat (Audio) – BFAD**
23. The Cannibalists (Audio) – BFAD**

‘All the Fun of the Fair’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**
‘Late Night Shopping’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**
‘The Curse of the Fugue’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB**

24. The Eight Truths/Worldwide Web (Audio) – BFAD**
25. Death in Blackpool (Audio) – BFAD**

2. Lucie with the Eighth Doctor and Tamsin

26. The Book of Kells (Audio) – BFAD**

Lucie’s appearance in ‘The Resurrection of Mars’ from 27. ‘Deimos’/’The Resurrection of Mars’ (Audio) – BFAD** takes place here.

28. Relative Dimensions (Audio) – BFAD**
29. Prisoner of the Sun (Audio) – BFAD**
30. Lucie Miller/To The Death (Audio) – BFAD**

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