‘Jealous, Possessive’ (ST)


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Correspondences Between K-9 and K-9

This story is by Paul Magrs and it features K-9 Mark I and K-9 Mark II. I enjoyed this as it features a number of correspondences between K-9 Mark I who’s on Gallifrey with Leela and K-9 Mark II who’s in E-Space with Romana. Not sure how the two K-9s are communicating with each other in this story.

Mind you, Adric was able to send a letter to K-9 Mark II in E-Space during ‘A Boy’s Tale’. K-9 Mark I relates to K-9 Mark II how he’s enjoying life on Gallifrey whilst the other relates how things are in E-Space. There’s a sense of competition and jealously between these two K-9s whilst they correspond.

I do feel that Paul Magrs doesn’t exactly write the K-9s in the dialogue you would expect. There’s no robot dialogue between them and no “Affirmatives” or “Negatives”. It sounds a lot like two spoilt gentlemen talking to each other via correspondence than two little robot dogs talking to each other.

It would be interesting to hear this story being read by John Leeson as the two K-9s for Big Finish. I’m surprised Big Finish haven’t taken this on. Wouldn’t it be fun to hear John Leeson reading Paul Magrs’ story of the two K-9s talking to each other and saying the not K-9-like dialogue in a K-9 voice?

The story ends with K-9 Mark I telling K-9 Mark II that he’s received the news of the Doctor having had a fall in ‘Logopolis’ and he may have to regenerate. Clearly he hasn’t picked up on that Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison. It also gets revealed that Leela is now pregnant on Gallifrey. 😐

‘Jealous, Possessive’ rating – 7/10

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