‘All the Fun of the Fair’ (ST/Audio)


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John Smith with the Eighth Doctor and Lucie

This story is by Bev Conway. It features the Eighth Doctor and Lucie and is read by India Fisher. This is an enjoyable tale where the owner of a stall at a funfair uses the TARDIS as a funfair attraction and sends people into the future. The stall owner happens to be called John Smith…a common name. 😀

India Fisher is a lovely narrator, but I wonder why she read this story. Wouldn’t it be better to have Sheridan Smith read this story since he played Lucie with Paul McGann in the Big Finish audios? Then again, Louise Jameson read a Short Trip tale that had Romana and not Leela in it, so what do I know?

It’s interesting how this story also features a relation of Lucie’s from the past, which happens to be Detective Miller. Lucie acquires Detective Miller’s service when she tries to get at John Smith who stole the TARDIS and to rescue the Doctor as well as the other people that he’d sent into the future.

By the way, this story is also read in the first person from John Smith’s point of view. He does reveal details about how he nicked the TARDIS off from the Doctor and Lucie when they travelled together in this specific time period. Judging by Detective Miller being an ancestor of Lucie’s, I suggest 1900s.

Going back to India Fisher reading this Short Trip adventure, she does a good voice for Lucie and getting her rough Northern accent across. She does well for Paul McGann’s Doctor having worked with him a lot of times as Charley Pollard in the Big Finish audios. This short tale was gripping indeed.

‘All the Fun of the Fair’ rating – 8/10

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