‘Apocrypha Bipedium’ (ST)

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‘Apocrypha Bipedium’ with the Eighth Doctor, Charley and Vicki

This story is by Ian Potter and features the Eighth Doctor and Charley. It also features William Shakespeare and Vicki. Vicki was with the First Doctor and is now Cressida from ‘The Myth Makers’.

I like how Ian Potter structures this story with five narratives. There’s an account by Vicki as Cressida; a diary by the Doctor; a diary by Charley; a play by Shakespeare and a report by the Time Lords themselves.

‘Apocrypha Bipedium’ rating – 9/10

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For the Eighth Doctor was

  • ‘Solitaire’ (Audio)

For Charley was

  • ‘Solitaire’ (Audio)

For Vicki was

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For the Eighth Doctor is

  • ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ (ST/Audio)

For Charley was

  • ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ (ST/Audio)

For Vicki is

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