‘Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death’ (ST)

short trips transmissions


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‘Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death’ with the Eighth Doctor and Charley

I’ve enjoyed reading the ‘Short Trips: Transmissions’ collection of ‘Doctor Who’ from Big Finish!

‘Short Trips: Transmissions’ has been amazing book to read. After enjoying reading the book ‘Short Trips: Companions’, I wanted to read more of these short stories with the Doctor and his companions. I chose this book as there are four Short Trips that are now audiobooks from Big Finish.

This book contains short stories by various writers, compiled by Richard Salter. I hope to identify the stories I like and dislike in my reviews on each story. There’s something for everyone in this collection. The theme in each of these stories is about messages and transmissions with the Doctor.

The first story ‘Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death’ is by Graeme Burk and it features the Eighth Doctor and Charley. This is an interesting and enjoyable tale where a film director makes a movie about a historical event that’s on an alien planet.

The story is written in the form of a trial, as director Ari Leventhall is accused for misrepresenting the aliens in the film he makes. Some of it was amusing to read since the Doctor and Charley save the day.

‘Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death’ rating – 7/10

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