‘Natural Regression’ (SS)


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On the planet Rontan 9 during the Last Great Time War with the Eighth Doctor

This story is by Justin Richards and it features the Eighth Doctor. I enjoyed this little tale. It’s an interesting one as it’s set during the Time War. I’ve heard a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories especially with the Eighth Doctor to know what the Time War is like including ‘The Sontaran Ordeal’.

In this adventure, the Eighth Doctor visits the planet Rontan 9 where it’s about to be ravaged by the effects of the Time War. He meets four scientists inside the Nihilism Chamber which protects them from the Daleks’ Time Destructor weapon. The Doctor must rescue these scientists from more harm.

The four scientists the Doctor meets are as follows. There’s Targus Kornick, a professor who is the brains behind his Nihilism Chamber. There’s Lizabet Harkening, a female student contemporary to Kornick; Dalla Fronstat, a young female student and there’s also Archan Noon, a young male student.

It was interesting how the Doctor and the four scientists explore Rontan 9 and see how different it looks compared to before how the Daleks’ Time Destructor weapon affected it. It’s pretty devastating. What’s interesting is that the Daleks’ Time Destructor device gets used before ‘Only The Monstrous’.

Despite the Doctor doing his best to save the scientists, two of them sadly get affected by the Time Destructor weapon due to prolonged exposure in the wastelands of Rontan 9. Kornick transforms into a hairy monster and Lizabet transforms into a gaseous-like creature. It was so disturbing to read.

‘Natural Regression’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘What is a Time War?’

‘Natural Regression’ rating – 8/10

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