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Caught in a Loop with the Eighth Doctor

This story is by Avril Naude. It features the Eighth Doctor and is read by India Fisher. This is an unusual ‘Doctor Who’ short story as it’s about a woman who works in an archives facility on Earth. The woman gets caught in an endless loop with an old man coming in and only the Doctor can help.

I found this story a little repetitive as is usually the case with time loops. The woman, who strangely happens to be nameless, is struggling to remember things whilst she’s in archives caught in a loop. The Doctor tries to get into the loop to help her and gradually the woman is able to recall some more.

The story is read in the first person by the nameless woman. I enjoyed India Fisher’s reading of the tale as she homes in on the woman’s thoughts and feelings whilst experiencing events through the loop. I did get a little frustrated with ‘time’ repeating itself and wondered if it would ever end here.

The old man featured in the story is interesting. It turns out that he’s not an old man at all and that he’s a creature from another reality trying to break through. The Doctor reveals to the woman that this is all part of some kind of experiment and it was interesting how he reveals to her that she’s a part of it.

I wish that there was a companion featured in this Short Trip audio story with the Eighth Doctor. With India Fisher reading it, it would have been nice for Charley Pollard to appear in it. I did like how the story ends with the woman being freed from the time loop and living a good life, thanks to the Doctor.

The ‘Short Trips: Volume IV’ CD contains some really good ‘Doctor Who’ short stories that I didn’t expect to enjoy throughout. I was able to pay attention and not lose track whilst listening to the stories. Again this CD won’t be to everybody’s tastes, but I’m glad to have heard these Short Trip audios.

‘Quantum Heresy’ rating – 6/10

‘Short Trips: Volume IV’ rating – 8/10

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