‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’ (Audio)


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The Eighth Doctor and Lucie visit Horton’s Orb

Paul McGann, director Nicholas Briggs and Sheridan Smith in ‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’.

The third episode of ‘The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller’ is ‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’ by Eddie Robson. Eddie is no stranger to the Eighth Doctor and Lucie as he wrote ‘Human Resources’. 🙂

In this episode, the TARDIS takes the Doctor and Lucie to a vast house on a planet called Horton’s Orb. The house happens to be the only one on the planet and stands on an endless expanse of static.

Upon entering the house, the Doctor and Lucie meet servants and gentlefolk from the finest of the house’s families. But trouble begins to brew when the statics howls and wants to get into the house.

First of all, I like how this story does a sci-fi spin of a semi-period drama type of story. This is especially when the Doctor and Lucie go to this house and meet upper class twits above themselves.

Paul McGann’s Doctor once again is excellent in this audio episode. I like how he delivers the energy required in the Doctor and he becomes curious about what’s going on concerning this ‘static’ enemy.

It’s interesting how he deduces what’s going on with the house and that it has Darius Horton inside it and being the house all over. Surprised a ‘Chimes of Midnight’ reference wasn’t made in the story.

It’s also interesting to note that the Doctor isn’t so affected by the ‘static’s influence outside compared to humans like Lucie who gets a headache. Maybe because he’s a Time Lord of course! 😀

Sheridan Smith is equally good as Lucie in this adventure. It was funny when she got annoyed by someone misspelling her name as ‘Lucy’ instead of ‘Lucie’. It’s intriguing how she does ‘high society’.

In the story, a vacancy is put on Miss Miller for a single and unattached man. But Miss Miller is having none of it and she gets swept into the adventure to find out what’s going on inside the house.

There are some amusing moments to be featured in this episode such as Lucie not knowing how to curtsy. Sometimes the dialogue scenes between Berrigan and Lucie are quite nice to listen to here. 🙂

The episode’s guest cast includes Rupert Vansittart as Darius Horton, the head of the Horton house. Rupert Vansittart isn’t a stranger to ‘Doctor Who’ as he was in ‘Aliens of London’/’World War Three’.

There’s also Carla Mendonça as Evangeline Horton, the lady of the Horton house and Darius’ wife. Evangeline is clearly an upper-class snob that looks down on people. She plans to marry Lucie off. 😮

Emily Woodward guest stars as Frances Horton, the daughter of the Horton household. Frances is clearly a girly type and I believe she happens to be a lesbian since she has an interest in Lucie in this.

Joe Jameson guest stars as Berrigan Horton, the son of the Horton household. Berrigan is a pampered so-and-so and he wants to marry one of the servants, though his parents had forbidden it.

And there’s Alicia Ambrose-Bayley (who was in ‘The Revolution Game’) as Alana Kelly. She’s like a secretary for the Horton household, I believe. She interacts with the Doctor a lot to solve a mystery.

I wish there was more interaction with the four family members of the Horton household. It would’ve made them more interesting in being a dysfunctional family in a house under siege here. 😐

There is an element of miners not being treated well, especially when they’re working down below inside the house. Again, this is where the higher class people are disregardful of the lower classes. 😐

I like the notion of a house existing in a nowhere place, sitting on static. I don’t know why, but it put me in mind of ‘The Cloud Minders’ story from ‘Star Trek’ where a cloud city is sitting on the clouds. 🙂

The story soon concludes with the Doctor and Lucie managing to sort out Darius Horton. I did think that the story finished rather quickly, not knowing that there was a surprising cliffhanger at the end.

Writer Eddie Robson, Paul McGann, director Nicholas Briggs, Rupert Vansittart, Sheridan Smith with a dog, producer Scott Handcock, Emily Woodward, Alicia Ambrose-Bayly, Joe Jameson and Carla Mendonça in ‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’.

‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’ has been an enjoyable ‘Doctor Who’ episode to listen to. I liked the semi-period drama atmosphere in this, echoing the 1920s, and the Eighth Doctor and Lucie are good.

I was taken by surprise with the cliffhanger ending. The Doctor and Lucie are inside the TARDIS but something goes wrong with the TARDIS in flight. I don’t know what will happen in the next episode. 😐

At the end of Disc 3 of ‘The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller’ – Volume 1, there are 11 tracks of incidental music to enjoy!

‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The House on the Edge of Chaos’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    A fun filled sci-fi adventure, Paul & Sheridan chemistry is wonderful & it’s great to hear a more optimistic Eighth Doctor in these stories as i found he’s become darker in the recent box sets since Dark Eyes.

    A excellent review Tim.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I haven’t listened to any more Eighth Doctor audios beyond the ‘Dark Eyes’ box sets. I can guess his Doctor is more darker in the ‘Doom Coalition’, ‘Ravenous’ and ‘Time War’ audios compared to his earlier adventures. Hope to listen to more of those audios soon.

      Glad you enjoyed my review on this adventure and that you like the chemistry between Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 🙂



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